BLOG REVIEW: Virgin Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn


23yo virgin journalist heroine (h) wanted to be sexually experienced now, especially since she's writing a romance novel with descriptive sex scenes. Her roommate & best friend, 20s advertising editor Hero (H), is helping coach her. H gives her erotic ebooks & her 1st vibrator & signing her up for online dating to help her along. But she finds it odd that he'd oppose a couple of her dates as well as keep offering to be her sex teacher since they'd been such good friends for years & she looked nothing like the women H hooks up with. His kissing her only added to her confusion but she believed it was just a fluke as well as possible proof that he may really be a “virgin chaser” like her female BFF suspects him to be. Until their secret flirtations at her parents' house 1 weekend turned into more, when they got back to their empty apartment. He devirginized her, after answering her myriad questions about sex & his body & letting her experiment on him. However, a phone message by 1 of her dates (OM) made H become distant from h, when she told him that OM wanted to take her out again.

Hero told heroine to call the OM back to set up her date, making h feel confused coz she thought H wanted a serious romance with her after all his sex talk. When she confronts him about his brush off, H told her he's just moving on & she accuses him of being a “cherry chaser” & just answers her sarcastically. When her friends told her that H was likely protecting himself from hurt due to her talking about OM wanting to date her again right after she & H just smexxed, she felt bad & went to H to apologize & make things right. But his ex-GF open his bedroom door with only H's shirt on with H was lying shirtless on his bed, giving her news that H asked her to live with him in his new apartment. She leaves but H goes after her to ask her why she wanted to see him & h just told him it was to return his shirt coz he's packing his stuff for his move. He asked her if she was still going out with OM & she told him it was none of his business & that she regretted sleeping with him since it now broke their friendship. H tried to talk to her but she just wished him a good move & good life with his GF. 

Heroine was depressed for days & wouldn't leave her room until her female BFF threatened her to get out & get cleaned up & ended up taking her to Hero's apartment building & leaving. She saw many picture frames on H's mantle of her & him together. H apologized for being a jerk to her & involving his ex-GF coz he thought she wanted to date OM. He told her ILY(I love you) & asked her to move in with him. She said her ILY & happy to live with H. The end. 

* 242 pgs
* skimmed last 60% coz chick-lit feel focused on h trying to gain sexual experience with her various dates & with help of her roommates H & female BFF & seemed more pathetic than it was humorous
* writing felt too cheesy & contrived to be funny & only worked in a couple dialogue for me (i.e., lots of cat humor, awkward body parts & body function humor)
* some of the humor ended up creating emotional distance instead of pulling me emotionally into the story & chars (i.e., calling her vagina “Virginia” & talking & referring to it like it's a separate person)
* other parts of author's writing was average to good but the whole premise of the romance & characters didn't do it for me
* H was a nice guy & was a bit more emotionally ready than h but not by much. He was quick to get prideful & turn to OW when he'd get discouraged by h instead of steadily showing her his devotion & fidelity
* didn't like that h's dates turned into her quest to gain some sexual experience (I.e, oral sex, kissing, etc) per what she's being taught by her friends & some contemporary erotic books she's reading coz they ended making her seem like a user of her dates
* h seemed very self-absorbed & used people willy-nilly without any remorse or embarrassment
* h acted & thought like an immature college student. Her seeming sexual naivete wasn't cute at all & didn't make sense given how she's been influenced & surrounded by her 2 very experienced & verbally-open roommates & her worldliness shows in her speech coz she cusses & made dirty jokes like her roommies
* didn't like the cheap rationale of her sheltered homeschool background as reason for her sexual naivete coz she's been out of her house & in NYU for 5 years with very citified & worldly peers & the internet & NYC at her fingertips so for her to only read her mom's antiquated romance novels & google everything else except for a penis picture or porn & have no clue about ebooks & contemporary books was not believable for a supposedly avid romance-reader & sex-enquirer like her
* her romance with H was probably only 15% of the book & seemed like another impulsive act on her part to date all these guys & have no problems licking some stranger's balls & be oraled by another strange man & then
* when things didn't work out with all her dates, she's suddenly into H & soon realized she's really in love with him
* H&h's romance was NOT believable & more lust-with-frienship than deep abiding love coz    ....
1.) she gave no thought to whatever feelings she may have for H when she was with her other dates
2.) H who supposedly had been in love with h since they met 5 years ago had no problems smexxing a whole bunch of OW & smexxing his ex-GF & asking her to move in with him THE DAY AFTER(!) he & h 1st smexxed. 
3.)  showed how little love h felt for H to not even feel jealous or hurt that he smexxed his ex-GF right after their supposed intimate sexual connection when he devirginized her

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