BLOG REVIEW: Charming: A Cinderella Billionaire Story by Sophie Brooks

Very SPOILER-y Plot:

23yo phone-sex operator heroine (h) looks forward to her regular customer of the last 6 weeks, sharp & friendly 31yo Hero (H), who only ever wants to just talk for “real” & always bypasses any of the 9 role-play options usual phone customers pick from for h to reenact with them on the phone. He asked her for her personal phone # & whether she lived with a husband or BF & h was tempted by their mutual attraction but she didn't want to break the  job rules. She values her 3-month-old phone sex job coz it earns her more money than her waitressing job, which she both direly needs to support her & her 16yo sister since their mom got sick at h's senior high school year & soon died when h was 19. She channels her high-school drama club experiences to help her do her phone-fantasy role plays while she knitted hats & scarves. 

H was able to hone in on her unknown interest in the Submissive role & asked her to change into something sexy, which she did with her only sexy lingerie she bought 3 months ago when she thought she needed it to get into her phone-sex job. But in middle of sexy discussion about it with H, she hears a man break into her small rundown apt & H tells her to hide in the closet while he calls 911. She hesitates to give him her address but eventually did trusting him & terrified at the men now in her apt. H rushes over to h with his bodyguard-PI driver, already knowing where she lived before she gave him her address b/c he had his PI-bodyguard get her basic info & her photo which he had stored on his phone. The men left before the police got there. She throws herself at H's arms, when she recognized his voice. She was reluctant to stay at the Plaza hotel with her sister but H insisted due to her & her sister's safety. 

She finds out that H had her apt door fixed with a heavy-duty safe door & got her a job interview for a voice-recording media company, camping out at the diner where she waitresses until she agreed to go to the interview. They go on a few dates, getting to know each other more & H showing his interest in her life & h wondering why he would be so interested in someone with no college education & poor & a phone-sex operator like her. When she finds out he's full name & that he's the company's CEO, she freaks out coz her dad is in prison for stealing from H's company when H's dad was the CEO & keeps it a secret from him & her sister. She still doesn't inform him of it when he confessed to being the owner of her phone-sex company & thus her boss, after he finally convinced her to quit her sex phone-operator job. He told her that it was her kind nature that got him very interested in her, when he was told by h's phone-sex supervisor how she helped a customer with his personal problems & basically saved his life with her insight into why he was so quick to try to get off with their phone sex talk. It's why he began calling her pretending to be her customer but used it to get to know her. H felt betrayed & didn't contact h for a week, after it was leaked in the media re: her father stealing from H's company. She eventually storms into his penthouse with help of his bodyguard & gets him to listen to her explain & asks for understanding & forgiveness just like he did with her re: his big secret about being her phone-sex operator boss. They forgave & said their ILY(I love you)s. Epilogue...1 yr later, H proposed to h during her sister's high-school musical. HEA.

*overall good writing & average pacing
*big disappointment at lack of consummated Sex scene after all that hot explicit foreplay (oral/69, finger, touching) 
*h only had 1 BF& celibate for 3 years but H was a player & had some ex-GFs & some who were his subs but no major details about them
*H&h started doing some dom-sub roles but disappointing to not have a consummated S scene with it with all those hints & teases
*loved how obsessed & somewhat stalker-y H became with h & had her investigated to get her basic info & stored her photo on his phone which he'd keep looking at before they met
*liked H's alpha dominant-demanding protective ways with h but was not so openly possessive with her coz didn't want to scare her off. But did like his sneaky way of monopolizing all her phone time on the job @ $3.99/min so no OM gets to phone-sex with her again, once they met.
*likeable chars with good romance
*liked their progress in communicating more openly esp their big secrets
*overall sweet & somewhat-hot romance but wished for at least 1 full sex scene

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