BLOG REVIEW: P.S. You're Mine by Alexa Riley

It was with some hesitancy that shy homebody, 24yo plus-sized high-school teacher,
writes her 1st letter to 37yo US Marine Corp Major Hero 
as part of her students' pen pal program to soldiers on active duty. Devout military-man Hero uncharacteristically begins corresponding to her by mail,
especially heartened when she confirms that she's single as he is. There was something about heroine and her letters & packages of homemade cookies that strike him just the right way.
As the year goes by, the letters become much more personal, revealing things to each other & whetting their urge to see each other in person as soon as Hero is done with this last military tour. So, it perplexes heroine when her letters & packages are returned, without any word from him about what's going on. 
Is she destined to live life alone in her South Carolina town?
Or is he on his way to her & their new life together? 
The answer is in the SPOILERS section.

Great novella. Has the kind of tropes I LOVE: independent virgin heroine, alpha-obsessive Hero, character development, great chemistry, hot sex scenes, and guaranteed HEA. I have 2 minor niggles(As of 2/4/16, my 1st niggle has been resolved. Read below), the 2nd one is part of my Spoilers. The 1st is Hero's possible celibacy during their 1-year of correspondence. It seemed like he might be due to his loyal character but it wasn't clearly expressed in the 50-page story. Other reviewers in Goodreads seemed to think Hero was celibate though. So maybe I skipped that page? (UPDATE 2/4/16: Contacted Alexa Riley to ask if Hero was celibate since heroine's 1st letter to him & her reply was: "ABSOLUTLY! He never touched anyone after he got Katies fist letter." So, Hero WAS celibate during their 1 year correspondence due to his love for heroine. YES!!!!!!).  Anyhow, it's a wonderful love story with some hot sex scene towards the end. Riley's great with combining emotion with steamy & explicit sex scenes. I think I may be a fan.

There was a little bit of angst from heroine's POV(point of view), when her letters were returned & time went by without any contact from Hero. As hurt and confused as she was, she had changed enough from the courage & confidence she found through her 1-year correspondence to Hero to not mope around at home & be more actively involved to pursue life. Dressed to the nines & about to leave her house to go out for the night with her BFF(best friend), she got another surprise:

       -----------SPOILERS: Don't read below if you don't want to read the book's details----------

It was Hero outside her door. In the flesh. Hero wanted to surprise her & it worked. The kind of fantasy-fulfilling surprise. With him, immediately grabbing her into his arms & kissing her like no tomorrow. His hands on her butt with her plastered to him, pushing them both to the wall. <fanning self> A sexy-smexy on the wall surprise! Her BFF excused herself immediately. And Hero and heroine moved things on to the bedroom. Soon enough, heroine was a virgin no longer. I loved how demanding yet controlled and loving he was sexually with her. It matched how he was in non-sexual ways with her. This brings me to my 2nd niggle with this book. Hero's unfinished “P.S.” in all his letters to her was part of the mystery he had for her. So, this book's title TOTALLY SPOILS the whole “P.S.” mystery. Why do that?! This 50-page book could do with that kind of mystery.

The best part of the end was not just the hot sex scene & marriage proposal. There's an epilogue...20 YEAR LATER!!!! It showed both of them still hot & heavy & embarrassing their youngest twins while attending their first-born son's graduation. I absolutely loved it! I'd been complaining about the lack of long-term epilogues in romance books that showed Hero and heroine's love still going strong after many years, including post-kids. This 20-year epilogue shut me up and left me smiling.

       -------------------------------------------------END SPOILERS----------------------------------------------

I highly recommend this book..

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