BLOG REVIEW: My Nights with Kate by M.T. Stone

22y.o. fashion-merchandise college senior is having a hard time paying her rent.
So she signs up for an online request for a sugar daddy with her sexy photos.
It captures the attention of nearly-retired 49y.o. owner of a successful fashion industry company.
Although a date to an expensive French restaurant in New York City appeals to heroine, she's concerned about what her online dating choice will be in person.
But instantly recognizing Hero as the attractive fashion guru with major ties to her fashion school puts her mind at ease.
That night starts their affair,
yielding her extravagant financial compensations,
sexual pleasures,
and a luxurious lifestyle she doesn't mind getting used to.
That night also begins their business arrangement, boosting her career to heights she's only dreamed of.
However, Hero keeps their affair a secret from his adult kids
and heroine, from her fashion-buyer mother.
What difference does it make when their families find out?
What becomes of their affair?

This book must've been written by a man. Let me tell you why:

1. It reads like a tamer version of Harold Robbins' books that were popular in the '80s.

It's NOT a romance. It's more of a man-lit, if there was a male version of chick-lit. Actually, it's more of an older middle-aged man's fantasy, where he retires by age 49 with billions, has a lavish lifestyle with expensive vehicles (a personal luxury airplane, helicopter, & a 5-story yacht), & has lots of sex with energetic college-aged women. There was also a lot of discussion about business, travel, and food, including the full menu of a French restaurant. In French!

2. Hero's POV(point of view) is the most compelling.

Although the book is told from multiple POVs (point of views), Hero's POV seemed the most real. His concerns about his health (including several detailed doctor's visits), memories of younger & growing years with his wife, and transitioning from work to retirement were realistic and filled quite a few pages of this 200+ page book. Heroine, however, sounded like a materialistic college girl. I couldn't find an ounce of sympathy for her. I couldn't connect with her at all. She sounded like the kind of young sex-gymnast good-girl-outside-but-a-bad-girl-in-the-bedroom stuff of men's dreams. Somebody who's good to go with sex whenever and however to please the man. And she doesn't bother him about commitment either. In fact, she's A-ok with being his booty call without demanding anything more. She's only a willing recipient of what HE wants to give her and nothing else. She's supposed to be a sort of good-girl who worked hard in school. She partied but not like her whorish best friend (BFF). However, heroine didn't seem to blink an eye at the mention of having a menage a trois with Hero and her BFF. In fact, she was the one who recommended it. All shy & concerned of how Hero might respond. The nonsense! I'm telling you, this author IS a man!

3. “love button” and “my dear”s

I believe that whoever this author is must be an older man because there were certain words used in the book that's more typically used by an older person (60+). I laughed when I read “love button” and “sweet little box” to describe heroine's hoohaa. Either the author is elderly or the author has a really old-skool view of 50-year-olds. I know quite a few folks in their late 40s & 50s and they sure don't talk like that. I could've excused these word usage too if this book was written 10 or more years ago. But this book was written only in 2013 & some of the words the 49-year-old Hero used were laughable. It sounded so strange whenever Hero would call heroine “dear” and “honey”. The way he said seemed more in context of a father-daughter contexts. He would use it to show her kindness & affection, which happened when they weren't having sex. It seemed creepy the way he switched from treating her like a nubile sex plaything to doting on her like an approving dad. I don't mind a big age difference between the Hero and heroine but it has to feel romantic and not pedophilic or incenstuous.

4. sex without emotions

Much more so than the emotional development between Hero and heroine. The love scenes were explicit but in a technical sense. It read like an instruction sex manual. 
There were plenty of descriptions of where limbs &other body parts were located. The internet as a source of knowledge about sex techniques was mentioned a few times by heroine & Hero. Interestingly, it fit the scenes because of the technical way the sex scenes were described overall. It was as if there was an “on” and “off” switch between sex and their romance. The emotional experiences of Hero and heroine during the sex scenes were severely lacking. Their emotions came up only after sex was done, which was when Hero would start calling her "dear" and "honey". They both professed their love for each other but I sure didn't feel it. This book was so bogged down with technical sex and business. Their romance was nil. And the way it ended was just right for their sort of romance too. I didn't know why there's even a sequel of this book. It should've been left as it ended. 

-----------------SPOILERS: Don't read below if you don't want to know the book's details---------

Hero left heroine a letter & sailed away on his luxury yacht. His letter basically wishing her good luck in her business & giving her a year to figure out whether she would still want him in her life. Thus, the sequel.

----------------------------------------------END SPOILERS-----------------------------------------------------

In any case, I'm not reading the sequel. Even if it was free. 

I don't recommend this book.


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