BLOG REVIEW: Choosing Chase by Julie Raust

39y.o. heroine doesn’t take Hero’s sexual proposition seriously for a few reasons. One, he’s been her best friend and downstairs neighbor ever since she moved in to her apartment 2 years ago. 
Two, he’s younger than her and devastatingly attractive. 
Three, she’s an overweight middle-aged divorcee who her former husband regularly neglected over work.  
When he shows her that he indeed finds her very attractive, she decides gives herself a one-night limit of pleasure with him. 
She doesn’t want to hope for more, expecting to be heartbroken if she does. Heartbreak came soon enough, when she overhears his friend congratulating him on the sex bet he won. Was she just a bet to him?

I enjoyed this novella a lot.  It had likeable characters, emotionally-involving, and some steamy scenes. There was humor, misunderstandings, secrets, insecurities, and heart-warming scenes. It was short and sweet.  It didn’t feel rushed. The first few pages with the different locations lost me a bit. But I was on track soon after. What I liked the most about it is the emotional connection between Hero and heroine. Hero has had an unrequited love for heroine since they met 2 years ago. I mean, he wasn’t just very attracted to her & liked her as their friendship progressed. He really loved her. This good-looking & sexually-demanding man kept himself from other women and was celibate for 2 years because he wanted only heroine. He was willing to wait until she was ready.  And he wanted her for forever. Sigh.  Heroine was physically attractive to him. But what he fell in love with more was her character. Her kindness, caring, and regard for others. What I don’t get though is why he waited 2 years to let her know how he felt about her. Or, at least, ask her on a date. He was straightforward & assertive and we see this when she was stymieing their romance. He wasn’t going to let her talk herself & him out of going back to just friendship. And he went all out to show her what he meant. So, his passively waiting for 2 years didn’t fit his current character. And we don’t get a clear picture of what he was waiting for and what made him finally sexually proposition her now. Regardless, his assertiveness in making his desires for her now was hot.

For heroine, the past 2 years was an adjustment to being a widow, being independent, and living a different life than her married life. We don’t know how long she was married. But we know that it was an unhappy marriage, where she was neglected emotionally and sexually by her husband. So her insecurities about her attractiveness made sense. She couldn’t see how and why someone younger like Hero would want a romantic relationship with her. She viewed him as a lost cause to her so she didn’t even hope for a romance between them until he sexually propositioned her. Even then, she viewed it as a joke and found another way of solving the problem that she thought prompted his proposition. And that particular problem-solving approach was her first step towards her sexual assertiveness. It opened up a new world for her. And I liked her innocence with it all. At 39 years old, she was a newbie at sexual power and sexual pleasure.  It was funny and hot. It touched Hero both sexually and emotionally. It made for some passionate sex scenes.

I recommend this book.

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