BLOG REVIEW: Owned (The Billionaire Banker Book 1) by Georgia Le Carre

19y.o. heroine didn't know that when she first locked eyes with 29y.o. billionaire banker Hero it would change her life drastically. 
She's more than relieved to have Hero preempt another rich man from taking her offer of her body in exchange for money. 
She needs the money for her very ill mom’s cancer treatment and has exhausted all other financing options. Hero and heroine agree to a 3-month contract and systematically start their affair.
Hero, however, didn't bargain that his usual cold control would get shaken when he realizes that heroine is a virgin and unlike any other women he’s known. 
As much as heroine reminds herself of their sex-for-money bargain and their disparate social status, she begins to fall in love with him. 
Hero’s family and privileged social world, however, becomes concerned about their relationship. What will they do to stop their developing romance?

Let me note right away that this book ends with a cliffhanger. It’s a good one though and I didn’t expect for it to go to that direction. Overall, the story was quite intriguing. It was a bit like a Harlequin Presents(HP) book with its enigmatic wealthy Hero and ordinary virgin heroine forced to be in unseemly situations for the sake of her loved ones. However, this book was steamier, provided more details about their interactions, and had some unexpected twists  at the end.

-------------------SPOILERS: Don’t read below if you don’t want to know the book’s details-----------

The unexpected twists at the end do not get resolved in this book. Heroine’s unplanned pregnancy, Hero getting injured and unconscious at the hospital, and Hero’s fiancé plotting to separate them all happen towards the end. We don't know what or if Hero remembers what happened and where heroine is off to. 

----------------------------------------------END SPOILERS------------------------------------------------------------

The twists put an unpredictable spin on my expectations for their romance. I didn't expect it because the book title and cover didn't indicate that this was book 1 or part of a series.  

The book is told from a third person point of view(POV), with the majority regarding heroine’s thoughts and feelings. So we know more about heroine than Hero. She’s sacrificed much to take care of her ailing mother after her father left them. They live in the tenements of London but have good neighbors that’s been a crucial social support for her and her mom. Having sex to help her mother survive was a more desperate but not totally shocking attempt to get their needs met. It went against the grain of her character and upbringing but heroine’s need to keep her mom alive was greater.  As humorous as it was for her to try to accept that she would have to sex with the rough & dandruffy other man, I could sense her desperation and resolve. She was fortunate that attractive Hero did step in and avoided her great dilemma with the other man. But a danger to her heart became the problem. It was interesting to see her continually remind herself of the nature of her affair with Hero because we see her falling for him more.

Hero was a harder one to connect with. He was an aloof, controlled, and exacting man. But we occasionally saw his warmer, less controlled, and caring side.  We got a few glimpses of how heroine truly affects him but he curtailed it quickly. We saw more about his behaviors and got very little of his thoughts and nonverbal details. We don’t really  know much about him.  So, when he mentioned his feelings for heroine to his brother, it really was a surprise to me that he did fall in love with heroine.  The way the book was written (i.e., some sentences and paragraphs seemed awkward/stilted and didn't flow well together) reinforced the sense of disconnection with Hero and his romance with heroine. It was disconcerting at times. But then we have moments (especially in the latter part of the book) when the writing flowed well, the main characters’ connection was evident, and the intrigue was captivating. I hope we get more of these moments in the next book.

I moderately recommend this book


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