BLOG REVIEW: Secret Guardian by Jill Sanders

News journalist thinks cameraman Hero is egotistical and full of himself, surrounding himself with fawning women.
She doesn't bother with him as long as he's doing his job, especially when she conducts a secret interview with her contact in Rio de Janeiro who's exposing drug-trafficking in Brazil. 
Things quickly change between them when he rescues her from some murdering goons soon after the interview.  Hero makes her change her hair color to be incognito & challenges her to trust him to get them out of danger through the jungles of Brazil. 
Their escape through the jungle from Rio de Janeiro to Lima, Peru exposes them to more danger. In the process, heroine finds out that Hero is not the egotistical playboy she thought he was. He was actually  hired by her senator father to secretly protect her from those who are against the causes he’s championing. Their attraction flares during the time they spend escaping from those chasing them. But does it last when they get back to safety & things settle down?

I found this book to be an average read. The best parts of the book are the location descriptions and the action scenes. Details about the locales in Brazil & Peru were fascinating. It made me want to visit them myself. Well, except for the jungle. The action scenes, especially when they slid down the mountain onto the river, were pretty thrilling. The plotline was plausible and predictable. Not really suspenseful but still interesting. There weren’t any big surprises. No real mysteries. The villain was not disclosed until towards the end and his identity wasn't too surprising. The main characters were likeable. Hero was pretty wealthy & successful based on his material possessions & lifestyle. He was good in his covert-ops work. I'm not sure though why he had to act the egotistical playboy while working as heroine's cameraman. Heroine was an ambitious & hard-working journalist who didn't shy away from taking risks to get ahead. 

The romance was virtually nonexistent until Hero disclosed his real identity. Once he did, his true character was revealed & heroine became open to romance with him, which I thought was wise. Their romance was quite straightforward. They didn't resist their feelings or their attraction. Their romance developed quite quickly even in the midst of being chased through the dangerous Brazilian jungle. The sex scenes were detailed but it didn't sway me too much. Overall, their emotional and sexual chemistry didn't sizzle. It may have been described as much but I didn't really feel it. The emotional connection & tone of the book was bland. And that's what made it just average for me. Despite that, their romance was believable & lovely and they likely will have a HEA(happily ever after). 

I somewhat recommend this book.

*ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.

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