BLOG REVIEW: One Perfect Night by Bella Andre

Heroine is an office manager for a bustling company in Seattle and has her life in order. 
But, ever since she came back from her short vacation in Lake Tahoe, she can't seem to stop thinking about the man who rescued her from a potential skiing accident.
She regrets walking away from their mutual attraction and she has no way of contacting him. She realizes that her life will be monotonous if she doesn’t ever take risks. She goes to a bar & serendipitously sees software-company owner Hero there. 
Their connection is even stronger and he lets her know what he wants. 
Will she take a risk with him now or will she continue to let her past hurts rule her life?

Andre pulled off a sexy, romantic, and believable in only 59 pages! What's amazing is that Hero and heroine didn't spend much time with each other at all. Their first conversation probably lasted 15 minutes. With their second one, they exchanged only a few but meaningful & honest sentences before they kissed. It may have been brief but those 2 moments together were intense and honest. And it really was enough for both to decide on their romance. Their nonverbal connection was powerful, magnetic, and clear.  

We get both of their POVs(point of views) so we know exactly what they’re thinking & feeling. What’s great was that Hero knew what he wanted and voiced it out right away. His certainty was very alpha-Hero like and sexy. He laid himself out there for heroine and risked rejection. And it did happen. Yet he didn't let her rejection bring him down or change his feelings for her. He respected her limits & let her leave him. But he couldn't stop obsessing about her and didn't let another woman replace her. I loved that he wasn't going to sit around pining or feeling sorry for himself. He planned to begin searching for heroine in Lake Tahoe. He was gonna do his best to find her. A Hero who persists through barriers to be with heroine is definitely sigh-worthy in my book. He just knew she was the one for him after only knowing her for a few minutes. He wasn't usually an impulsive & fickle person. He had a good head on his shoulders and owned a successful software company. He had a good background and got along with his family. He wanted marriage and a family one day but didn't settle for just any woman. So his instant draw towards heroine was in no way an impulsive act on his part. 

Heroine was more unsure about herself & Hero. She was betrayed by her ex-boyfriend and didn't want to risk another heartache. She was independent and strong-minded and was used to being in charge in her career & her romantic relationships. She and Hero were well-matched. Their sexual chemistry and sex scenes were sensual and were enhanced by their emotions. Hero's dominating personality fulfilled her secret wish for a commanding yet sensitive lover. Hero took the lead in their relationship and made himself vulnerable by disclosing his feelings and desires for her. It helped her trust him and laid a good groundwork for an honest relationship. I would’ve liked an epilogue though. Maybe 2 or 3 pages to assure us that they’re still happy together months or years later. That’s all it would’ve taken to pushed it towards a 5-star read for me. 

I recommend this book.


  1. hey whats the girl's name? lol can you name the actors and models you use to brign my imagination to life? thanks!

  2. Hi, Everything N Nothing at All! Danna Garcia is the actress & William Levy is the actor. They're part of a Latin tv show called telenovela. They're both beautiful, aren't they?