BLOG REVIEW: Ice Games by Jessica Clare

25yo former Olympic figure-skater is determined to win the "Ice Dancing with the Stars" and get her scandal-driven career finally back on track. 
However, her dancing partner, infamous mixed-martial arts fighter Hero, could care less about the competition.  
He slacks off, viewing their ice-dancing more as public humiliation and a waste of time. And heroine, a major chattering annoyance. Heroine uses an accident between them  as her leverage to make him practice & perform better. Their long practice sessions let Hero see her dedicated  athleticism and get to know her better. As the dancing competition heats up,
so does their attraction.
What affect does the competition’s outcome have on their relationship?

This was a fun book to read. The celebrity dancing competition was enjoyable and placed Hero and heroine’s romance in a unique context. It let us see a bit of what goes on behind the scenes of the celebrity dancing world. The main focus of the book remains the romance and Hero & heroine’s character development.

Most of the book is from heroine’s competitive & honest POV(point of view). We get a glimpse of Hero’s POV especially in the snippets at the beginning of each chapter. We see how Hero’s view of heroine changes as time goes on. It was quite sweet & funny to see it’s progression, from being supremely annoyed with her to defending her greatness. I at first thought that heroine’s voice seemed a little too young for 25. But the environment she lived and worked in kept her socially distanced from her peer group yet matured her quicker in her work ethic.
Her virginity at 25 was believable given her life. She was homeschooled, practiced for long hours daily then and now, immersed herself in the figure-skating world even the after scandal, worked as a figure-skating teacher with kids. So her innocence & youthfulness  made sense.

Heroine was conscientious, perfectionistic, and dedicated to figure-skating. Figure skating was her life, even though to the public it ended when she walked off  the Olympics when she was 14. She didn’t give in to self-pity & hopelessness. She accepted her big mistake and continued to pursue it regardless of the public backlash. Her strong mind and willpower was a good match with Hero. Hero made his own share of mistakes. But he was also a hard worker and dedicated to his fighting sport. He humbled himself by joining the dancing competition in order to get back up again. I liked both characters’ humility & dedication in doing what needed to be done to achieve their goals. As different a figure-skater & a MMA-fighter may be, their shared losses and desires pulled them together.  Sexual chemistry was slow to build at first but quickly increased once Hero got serious with skating. Sex scenes had enough detail to show their passion for each other.

I recommend this book.

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