BLOG REVIEW: A Loving Heart's Desire by R.J. Redlynn

Heroine is a full-time housewife who plans her days around her sexy construction-worker husband's schedule. 
She can't get enough of him and wants his affection and attention as soon as he gets home.
Hero wants to surprise her with something romantic on their upcoming anniversary. He takes secret dance classes a few days a week and have their friends cover for him.
Heroine’s not pleased with his schedule change and not getting as much of his time. Her feeling ignored by him fires up her sexual creativity and they become more adventurous in and out of the bedroom. He doesn't mind it.
And it seems to pacify her for the time being. But when she finds him with another woman, how will it affect their marriage?

This was a relatively short book. It was refreshing to read an erotica about a married couple who were in love & passionate about each other. They were an average couple from an average-income bracket who were still basking at their married life. We don’t know exactly how long they’ve been together but they seem to be in the initial years of marriage. What’s not so average about them is their sex life. 

Heroine constantly wanted sex from Hero. It’s almost like that was his part-time job, being her lover. She demanded that he please her daily and wanted multiple everything (orgasms, positions, locations, toys, etc.). I felt sorry for the guy. He sounded exhausted at times. She was nice enough to let him sleep but then demanded his services once he was rested. Hero was far from unwilling. He loved her open sensuality & did what he could to please her. But he was a hard-working man who had a physically laborious job and he recently added the secret dance lessons a few nights a week to his full schedule. She made him feel bad about being away from her more than usual but he tried to make it up to her as best he could by giving her what she wanted. He was a sexy sweetheart. 

Their relationship was basically about her. If she’s happy, then he was happy and their relationship was fine. We see him doing the work in their relationship. He catered to her wants & needs. Heroine, on the other hand, steered their relationship. If something was off, then Hero had to be the one to fix it & he was fine with that.  She didn’t work & wanted him to entertain her when he could. The topic of her getting a job or a hobby was casually mentioned a couple times. And I'm glad it was because this was the crux of her problem. She didn't have any life goals. Her life was about the here-and-now and how she was going to be soon satisfied. Since Hero was her main source of satisfaction, his schedule change predictably upset her. It did motivate her to do something different. Instead of finding a job or a hobby, she opted to seek new sexual thrills.  It was only much later that she did look for something to do that wasn’t sexually-related. 

Their future happiness concerned me. She’s very much into the here-and-now self-gratification. And Hero tended to enable it. In many romance fiction, it's usually the other way around. Regardless, they both have quite a bit maturing to do. Having children in their near future will drastically change the nature of their current relationship. The good thing, though, is that they're crazy about each other & that will serve them well in the long run. 

I partially recommend this book.

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