BLOG REVIEW: Run To You by Charlotte Stein

Phone customer-service employee was peeking at wealthy Hungarian businessman from the hotel room closet she was hiding in. 
She was curious what kind of assignation her vacationing roommate had scheduled in the hotel and was both intimidated and fascinated when she saw Hero in the hotel room.

She didn’t think he noticed someone as nondescript and ordinary as her when they were at the hotel lobby together. So she was astonished that he knew she was hiding inside the closet and left her a note to call him. Heroine was even more astonished when he calls her at work & tries to get to know her. Their phone calls transition into personal meetings, where she finds that Hero likes her fumbling & clumsy tendencies. The bondage-domination experience she expected from him was not what she got with him. It seems that the connection they had was as new for him as it was for her.  Is she just a novelty for him? What kind of future can they have with such a huge gap in their lifestyles?

I ended up really liking this book. I had some doubts in the beginning because the point-of-view(POV) of heroine took some getting used to. Her POV reminded me of Bridget Jones’ Diary but with a more self-deprecating humor and exaggerated imaginings. Once I got used to heroine’s voice, I began to understand and enjoy the book.  The romance was different because the characters were unconventional…Heroine was comfortable being a wallflower. She was an ordinary person who didn’t aspire for much. Yet she had a wild imagination that created scenarios. Her following through with her imagined scenario regarding her roommate is what led her to her extra-ordinary experiences with Hero. Hero was comfortable being in control and set up his life just so. His following through with his impulses regarding heroine led him to be affected like never before. Hero & heroine’s different life trajectories intersected because both did something different than their usual. Their romance was a result, challenging and changing their status quo. Even from heroine’s POV, we saw the struggles Hero’s having from being so affected by heroine. He changed from being such a guarded & controlled man to a more relaxed & more vulnerable  one.

----------------SPOILERS: Don't read below if you don't want to know the book's details--------------

Hero was used to being the controlling voyeur in his sexual life. He hadn’t allowed a woman to touch or kiss him in 10 years. There was no trauma that caused it. Hero’s need for control is what made his sexual life the way it was. So for heroine to make him break his 10-year sexual lifestyle and let her touch & kiss him shows how much she stirs him emotionally….Her clumsiness and fumblings that she berates herself for was what turned him on. I found it funny and endearing. Hero loved her for who she was. Any attempts she had to be different didn’t get the same reaction from him. I loved that.

-----------------------------------------------END SPOILERS------------------------------------------------------------

Their sexual chemistry was odd at first. We know that heroine was attracted to him but not sure where he was coming from. When it became clearer that the attraction was mutual, the  sexual tension was hot. The sex scenes were graphic (Warning: back-door action) but in line with their relationship. Hero does things with her that he doesn’t with others.

I recommend this book.

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