BLOG REVIEW: No One's Angel by Kelly Walker

For the past year, the old Christmas card early-20s Hero sent her was 21yo heroine's only hope. 
She's been living under the control of her drug-dealing boyfriend who forced her to completely cutoff all ties with Hero, the former online-gaming partner she became very close to. She never got a chance to contact him since and that Christmas card is her remaining tie to him. Heroine finally gets away from her ex-boyfriend and shows up at the doorstop of Hero, whom she's never met face to face. 
She needs his help but doesn’t want to divulge her dangerous secrets, fearing that he’ll no longer want her. He tries to be patient with her, fearing she’ll run from him again. 
But when her paranoia about her ex-boyfriend closes in to their life, she has to choose to trust Hero with her life or not.

The premise of this book was great but the delivery? Not so much. The writing was choppy. It made the characters, emotional tone, and readability of the book hard to engage with. 
The dialogue, plotline, and characterization were inconsistent, making the characters seem immature. 

For example, Hero adamantly promised to "always" protect heroine and keep her with him "forever". I don't know if he was deliberately written as an empty promiser or not but he wasn't such a good protector.  After she took off running from seeing a man in the mall who looked like her ex-boyfriend, Hero took it lightly and didn't press on as to why she panicked. Instead of   investigating the man she saw or ensuring her safety further, he takes her shopping. When she moved out of his apartment because she felt betrayed by him for endangering her, he left her in a huff and immediately threw out her things from his apartment and considered moving on to other women.

Heroine's character was also inconsistent. She's supposed to be this strong survivor who is wiser and wants safety and stability in her life. Yet she goes from being needy and dependent on Hero one day, allowing him to take care of her. To prickly and accusing him of babying her. A classic example is when she was hospitalized after being beaten, slapped, strangled, and almost raped by her ex-boyfriend. She accused Hero of hovering over her in the hospital because he asked her if she needed meds for her pain the day after her ordeal.  

We don't know why it took her a year to get away from her ex-boyfriend. We don't get to see if it was because she got stronger or wiser. Nothing had changed about her situation except for time. She endangered her loved ones at the start and when she left. She seemed more like a major doormat, letting her ex control her life, than someone who was just trying to survive. She had some freedom to come and go as she did. She worked, went to school, and made phone calls freely during that time.  Why didn't she contact Hero even from somebody else's computer? All we know is that she finally escaped to Hero one day. 

The inconsistencies and holes in the plot/logic of the book derailed my enjoyment of it. Instead of feeling the character’s sexual chemistry, poignancy from what was keeping them apart, or sympathy for the pain inflicted on heroine, I was mostly annoyed and impatient with them. 

Restrictedly recommended.

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