BLOG REVIEW: Clementine by R. Jean Wilson

23yo hospital volunteer wishes to be more than friends with gorgeous 27yo resident-surgeon Hero, who she was immediately drawn to when they first met a few weeks ago.

They’ve spent a lot of time getting to know each other & have gone on many outings since.

She just isn’t sure how special she is to Hero since they’ve never gone on an official date & he’s always surrounded by a throng of eager women. 

Heroine doesn’t tell him she’s moving out of state for her physician’s assistant school until the day before she leaves. Hero’s response pushes their relationship to another level. What she sees the next day, however, breaks her heart. She immediately leaves the city & cuts all ties with him, no matter his constant texting & phone calls. How do they ever manage to get back together?
A decent read. The chemistry between them simmered. I could feel their attraction from the first glance. The build-up was great. It had me eagerly turn the pages to see how & WHEN they were finally going to get together. Both Hero & heroine were playing along the edge of their romance, neither verbalizing what they truly wanted & felt for the other. They flirted, texted cute messages to each other, and joked around each other. Their deeper feelings and wants were shown through their glances, responses to seemingly innocent touches, & their tangible magnetic awareness to each other. Their non-verbal behaviors displayed what they didn't say to each other.

The book is told in the third person & from heroine’s point of view (POV).  We know that for heroine the complications of their budding careers, work relationship, and life situations were cautions to starting a relationship. But it was really her personal insecurities that prevented her from going after the kind of relationship she wanted with Hero. Hero was getting his cues from her & he was respectful enough not to push her.  There were times though that I wished Hero would just grab her & kiss her already! 

The big shock heroine received the day after they became more physical was THE biggest interruption to their romance. It was a poignant moment for both, especially when we find out what Hero did afterwards. It took more than 1.5 years for them to reunite again.  It seemed long but it gave them plenty of time to work through their own issues & goals.  We saw them accomplish goals & mature during their time apart. It made their second time together stronger somehow. They acknowledged regrets over how they handled their previous relationship. Their choices this time had a level-headedness & stability that was missing before.  Their long time apart truly clarified what they wanted and both of their 1.5-year celibacy hammered home that what they wanted was each other only. A realistic HEA(happily ever after) for these 2.

It took almost 2 years for the main characters to finally consummate their relationship. Interestingly, there was more details about the first time Hero & heroine got physical. It was sensual & heightened the emotional atmosphere. The consummation scene, however, was very generalized. A little bit of detail would’ve made a greater emotional impact. Their aftermath conversation was philosophical. They talked about fate and it de-personalized their love declarations & recent intimacy a bit. The little stories about others’ romance at the beginning of the chapters seemed out of place & didn’t flow that well with the main storyline. Little bits of the story about the boy & girl dispersed throughout the book would’ve made more sense & impact.

I recommend this book.

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