BLOG REVIEW: Blind Curve by Annie Solomon

Trainer for the blind is assigned to guide recently-blind Hero who’s in protective custody, after a botched murder attempt left him blind.
She's had a crush on since high school year and seeing him again makes her aware that it hasn’t changed.  She still pines for him. Even though he appears to reciprocate, she doubts that she’s attractive enough to have anything long-lasting with him. 
Hero, on the other hand, is having difficulty adjusting to being blind but it doesn’t stop him from finding the culprit.

This book was too slow-paced for me.  The overall writing was ok but neither the romance nor the action-suspense was exciting. The action-suspense part was predictable. There were too many details about the thugs & police procedures. It bored me & I started skipping those parts.  The romance was pathetic.  The heroine was desperate for Hero's returned attraction/love but was so insecure about her looks.  I couldn't stomach her clingy desperation. She was essentially begging for whatever love crumbs Hero would drop her way. I wasn't even convinced she was in love with him. She was more obsessed & in lust.  Hero's affection for heroine was condescending, as if she was lucky to catch his attention. He reinforced her beliefs about her plainness and was smug about his good looks. I was not in any way convinced that he fell in love with her. It was more like he settled for her because she was nice, helpful, & willing to lay her life for him. Sexual chemistry was one-sided & love scenes were hard to read because of the aforementioned pathetic romance. 

I minimally recommend this book.

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