War of Love by Carole Mortimer

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25yo virgin heroine can't stand wealthy Hero's arrogance & presumptions about her & tells him so. But Hero keeps on coming back & accusing her & her mother of trying to take advantage of his wealthy uncle. It doesn't help matters when heroine's now-married ex-fiance now wants to reconcile with her. Even with all their disagreements, Hero & heroine are fiercely attracted to each other. But can strong attraction overcome lack of trust?

I liked this Mortimer book. The writing was tight & entertaining. I finished it quickly. It had some funny moments & the serious moments weren't too heavy. Heroine's character drove the emotional feel of the book. She had a self-deprecating humor. I found it funny how agitated & speechless she would get with Hero's arrogance & gall. She wasn't trying to be funny. She was just a bit naïve but also practical & not afraid to fight back. Hero, on the other hand, was suspicious & had a jaded view of people. But heroine's uniqueness stirred his well-controlled emotions, making him act more impulsively than usual.

Sexual chemistry & love scenes were passionate. I liked that heroine's virginity wasn't used as the fix-all of Hero's trust issue with heroine.