Too Hot To Handle by Stephanie Tyler

Journalist & widow of missing & presumed-dead military man asks Navy-SEAL Hero for help in finding her supposedly deceased husband who just phoned her.  They give in to their instant attraction right away but Hero makes clear that he's not into emotional commitment while heroine doesn't divulge her journalist identity.

I'm not sure if this is how Tyler typically writes but it wasn't heavy on emotions.  The writing & dialogue was very matter-of-fact & emotionally dry.  I didn't connect with the main Hero & heroine nor the other 2 couples in this book.  There was sexual chemistry & descriptive love scenes with all 3 couples but it didn't engage me at all.  It was hard to get through this book since it was too distancing.  I started skipping pages towards the end just to get it over with & see if the main characters display more of an emotional connection towards the end.  Well, there were the typical "I love you"s in the very last few pages but done too nonchalantly.

Not recommended for the romance but might like the action scenes.

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