The Greek Tycoon's Pregnant Wife by Anne Mather

Heroine gets pregnant after having sex once with estranged husband of 5 years when he visits her to ask for a divorce so he can marry his new, parent-approved girlfriend. She's not sure when to tell him about the pregnancy & agrees to visit his ailing dad in Greece.  Once there, she encounters his disapproving & manipulative mother again & meets his new girlfriend & supposedly old fling.

Why, oh why, did I torture myself & read another Mather book?!...Well, it was sitting around & I couldn't resist the temptation to see if this book was better than the last 5 Mather books I read.  I was WRONG!  It was even worst than the last Mather book I read.  Where to begin...I didn't like Hero & heroine. They were both immature, impulsive, shallow, & irresponsible.  They hurled insults at each other & did not discuss disagreements like emotionally stable adults.  Hero was a mama's boy & Mather did not convince me that this changed even at the end.  And what is up with Hero's cheating-excuse of "You know I'm not a monk." & heroine just accepts it with "I know.". Additionally, Hero's reason for not disclosing the truth of whether or not he impregnated another woman when they were living together was very weak.  It just highlighted how screwed up their relationship was.  They were both easily influenced by others. Even when they both find out how they were lied to & manipulated by close family members & friends, they just accepted it without showing any kind of plan to confront these destructive people or stay away from them. I do not foresee an HEA(happily ever after) AT ALL between these 2 lust-birds. Mather could not convince me that their relationship was based on love, even at the end when they tried to iron out their Big Misunderstanding.

Read ONLY IF you're in the mood for a messed-up relationship between 2 immature people who only have sexual chemistry going for them.

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