The Bellini Bride by Michelle Reid

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Wealthy Italian businessman's mistress of 1 yr, who's infamous for being the woman in nude paintings of new artist, believes that her relationship with Hero is at an end. It's no secret that Hero thinks she's not appropriate wife material for him because of his elite family & her scandalous reputation. But its a struggle for both of them because of the passion they feel for each other & heroine has been honest about her love for him. Their relationship is tested when her artist friend comes back in town & Hero's mother increases the pressure for him to marry someone more suitable. 

Loved this Reid book & I'm not a fan of some of her books. Reid wrote this book so well. Most of the emotions & tension between Hero & heroine was shown nonverbally. I could feel the angst, the love, & the frustration they were feeling. Both characters were portrayed well too. Both Hero & heroine were emotionally strong yet vulnerable at the same time. They didn't engage in soap-opera-type dramatic behaviors during their conflicts or with their secrets. They discussed their issues & assumptions & didn't play blame games. Their chemistry was sizzling & added to the intensity of their relationship. Although Hero & heroine came from different social backgrounds, they were equal partners in their relationship. 

Enthusiastically recommended.

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