The Art of Seduction by Melanie George

Heroine has been in love with Hero since childhood & seduced him mysteriously 1 night. Hero thought his mystery lover was heroine's sister due to finding her sister's engraved handkerchief in the vicinity where they made love. So he proposed marriage to his sister the next day. Eight yrs later, heroine is still hurt by Hero's betrayal but she hides that from him & the fact that she's still in love with him.  Hero has also been secretly in love with heroine for years & is now determined to win her this time. But big misunderstandings get in the way.

This George historical was a sufficient read. It was a quick read.  Although it wasn't emotionally gripping, it engaged my emotions enough.  Sexual chemistry & love scenes were good.  Big misunderstandings were typical romance-novel Big Misunderstandings & could've been easily resolved it Hero & heroine just talked it over a lot sooner.


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