Stevia! Stevia! Stevia!

What’s sweeter than sugar & won’t increase your blood sugar?...STEVIA!

What has zero calories & zero carbs?...STEVIA!

What’s an herb & been used as a sweetener for 1,500 years? Again…STEVIA!

Stevia is good for our sweet tooth in many ways than just taste. I learned this from my naturopaths, Dr. Harold ( and Dr. Mercola (

But not any stevia will do. You have to use the liquid kind with glycerin. 

Powdered stevia that looks like table sugar is chemically-processed with maltodextrin & other chemicals. You might as well just use sugar. Ok, maybe I'm slightly exaggerating. But you get my point about the chemical souped-up process of the crystallized form. Right? 

                                    Powdered stevia                                 Granulated Sugar

Stevia may be good for us. But the problem many have with stevia is that bitter aftertaste. If it doesn't taste good, it's not gonna fly. 

I've tried both the solid & liquid forms. I found that it’s the alcohol that's the problem. The alcohol base of the liquid stevia is what gives it that bitterness. So make sure that the liquid stevia you buy is made with glycerin. The one I frequent (NOW Liquid Stevia brand) uses vegetable glycerin instead. 

Read the ingredients label. Some stevia products are actually a mix of stevia & other sweeteners. Tricky, tricky.  I tell you. 

I use stevia for baking & for my tea & coffee. It takes some getting used to. The taste & proportion. A little drop can go a long way. One cup of table sugar equals 1 teaspoon of liquid stevia. 

You'll get the hang of it though. Try it. I'll share my recipes with you.

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