So Wild at Heart by Candace Camp

Wealthy & blunt American heiress changes her mind about refusing rake Hero's half-hearted marriage proposal. She views it as a challenge to make Hero, who's been devoted to his married mistress for 14 yrs, fall in love with her. Hero agrees to wed her because of his dire financial straits but later finds himself wanting more from their marriage of convenience than he originally intended. 

My 1st Camp book & I liked it. It was absorbing & fast paced. Good sensuality. The heroine was plucky but not in an emotionally distant or somewhat uncaring way that other plucky heroines are often portrayed in romance novels. I especially liked how Hero's struggles between degradation & goodness were detailed & realistically portrayed.

One thing that niggled me was the possibility Hero's new obssession/"love" for heroine is just a replacement of his long-time obssession/"love" for his mistress. I guess I wasn't totally convinced that his love for heroine was all that different than his mistress, except for the fact that heroine was more morally upstanding than evil mistress. 


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