Reese's Bride by Kat Martin

Widowed heroine asks her recently-returned ex-fiance's protection from her in-laws who she suspects is trying to hurt her so they can get custody of her son, the future heir. Hero reluctantly agrees & is still dealing with the hurt caused by her marrying someone else wealther & higher titled than him 6 yrs prior while he was away. 

Mixed review for Martin's book. Sexual chemisty & love scenes were good. Overall writing was ok. But I couldn't stand the heroine. She was emotionally weak, immature, & selfish. Her reasons for ditching her true love for another man was weak. It shows how easily she'll compromise her love for Hero. How Hero can love someone like her is beyond me. It makes him look like a fool in my eyes, no matter how alpha-male-like he's portrayed. I was also irritated by the repeats of the phrase "dear God" all throughout the book. Thesaurus please. 

I only recommend this book for its sensuality but not the romance.

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