Passionate Scandal by Michelle Reid

Former wild child is now composed & well-mannered young woman 4 yrs after her older ex-fiance Hero publicly humiliated her in front of their distinguished family & social circle. She is back in England from Boston to attend her sister's wedding, only to find out that her & Hero's family has been on the out since the "scandal". Both are trying to figure out a way to mend it while dealing with their attraction.

This Reid book didn't work for me. The writing was not very clear. Maybe it's because their Big Misunderstanding was stupid & overblown. Both Hero & heroine over-reacted to it & so did their family. There was some maturity towards the end but Hero & heroine still gave their family/social circle too much power over their love life. 

If you want to read a good Reid book, skip this one & try Gold Ring of Betrayal instead.

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