Passage of the Night by Amanda Carpenter

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Heroine kidnaps successful & hardworking Hero at gunpoint & takes him to her family's remote VT cabin to keep him from hindering the wedding of her beautiful older sister, who used to be his college girlfriend. Their week in the cabin allows heroine to get to know Hero a bit & see that he's quite different than how her sister described him. Going home doesn't clarify a lot of things since her sister changed her mind about marrying another man. It leaves heroine unsure about how Hero truly feels about her sister & her.

This book had pretty good psychological depth for a Harlequin romance. Carpenter has a unique way of writing. The main characters do quite a bit of introspection & communicate most of their feelings intuitively. It's probably also why Hero & heroine had some misunderstandings. Still, when they got it right, their knowing each other without talking about it added to the emotional pull of the book.

Characters were likeable. Hero was honest & patient with heroine. Heroine was loyal, insightful, & responsible. She was sometimes over-responsible, which got her in trouble with her sister. Sexual chemistry was good, although subtle. There were only a couple foreplay scenes. They were short & not explicitly detailed. The 1 sex scene was generalized & very short.