Out of the Blue by JoAnn Ross

Famous country singer reunites with her old teen boyfriend who left her to join the marines. In the meantime, she's  also busy  dealing with a psycho-stalker who kidnapped her years before & just escaped from prison, her lying ex-manager ex-husband, & the mystery of who shot her drummer. 

Just like Out of the Mist, this story about another Stewart sister was a bust. I've read other Ross books (i.e., Freefall, Blaze, Blue Bayou, Southern Comfort) & this one lacked the heat, organization, & excitement of her other books. Sexual chemistry & sex scenes were ok. Romance was woven with the suspense in a choppy, distracting way. Reading it was a chore since I had to sometimes go back a few pages to try to make sense of what was going on. Also, the heroine's reactions to all the current & past tragedies in her life was not very realistic or believable. 

Minimally recommended.

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