Moving Target by Cheyenne McCray

Heroine, who's been part of witness-protection program the last 2 years, unknowingly puts her life in danger when she calls an old friend 2 weeks before testifying in court against the son of notorious Russian mafia who murdered her family.  The US-Marshall agent who she's been getting close to via regular phone calls in the last 2 years rushes to her aid.  Both eventually succumb to their strong attraction to each other in midst of getting her safe from repeated close calls on her life.

McCray knows how to write sexual chemistry in her book.  The pages sizzled with their sexy romance & even made the action-suspense part more exciting. Made for a quick read. I liked heroine's strength & survival instincts as well as alpha Hero's devotion & protection of heroine.  It was refreshing for Hero be instantly attracted to heroine when she was a size 22 . It was funny that he sounded kinda disappointed upon seeing her again 2 years later as a size 8, describing her as a "toothpick" version of the woman he fell in love with.  

I highly recommend this book.

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