Highlander Unbound by Julia London

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29yo unwed mother of talkative & imaginative 9yo girl is attracted to unconventional Scottish hero. Hero is in London to steal his family's beastie to help with their family's dwindling finances. Hero & heroine have a secret affair due to her stingy father's strict restrictions on her life. Heroine believes their affair is only temporary because Hero is going back to Scotland as soon as he gets the heirloom. What Hero doesn't know is that she sees his family's heirloom as her & her daughter's only chance to escape from her father's clutches.

This was a funny & well-paced London book. The only exception is the Prologue, which I skipped because medieval stuff & history of the beastie was not interesting to me. Characters were likeable. I liked that physically-scarred Hero was alpha-malish yet often became clumsy & speechless with heroine b/c of his strong feelings for her. It was cute & funny. Heroine was feminine yet had some grit, intelligence, & patience to escape her dad.  There was no a Big Misunderstanding in this book. The main conflict was about survival. Sexual chemistry & sex scenes were passionate.


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