Highlander in Disguise by Julia London

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23yo heroine wants to seduce the man who may very possibly propose marriage to her younger & more beautiful sister so that his affections will turn to her instead. She blackmails Scottish Hero, who's pretending to be a wealthy Scottish Lord while looking for their lost family heirloom, to teach her how to seduce a man. Although he was irritated about their arrangement, Hero's teachings result in heroine's new popularity with gentlemen at balls including the man she desired to attract. But it also inflames his attraction to heroine. It also changes the way she views him as well. 

I didn't like this book as much as London's Highlander Unbound. It's romance, pacing, sexual chemistry, sex scenes, & characters were average. Nothing too thrilling...and that's the problem. Hero & heroine were more emotionally involved with each other when they were arguing or irritated with each other. When they finally focused on each other, they didn't seem that intensely in love with each other. They put more energy & effort on pursuing other people they were attracted to than they did in pursuing each other. They only pursued each other after their other love-interests appeared to be interested in each other. I didn't like that Hero & heroine's attraction & love for each other was more of an afterthought. They were each other's 2nd choice. And I have a problem with that. 

Marginally recommended.

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