Deceived by Sara Craven

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Art-gallery owner is astounded to have her stepfather's nephew, who she had an affair with before he was exiled by stepfather 5 years ago, welcomed back to their home & her stepdad's company. Hero is set on making heroine and her mom & brother pay him back for being exiled. Heroine tries to resist him due to his supposed infidelity but she realizes that she's been waiting for him to come back to her all this time. 

This book would've been an ok read if heroine wasn't such a doormat. Heroine was likeable in the 1st half of the book. She showed some independence, inner strength, & fighting spirit. In the 2nd half, she went downhill, acting like a self-pitying martyr for her mother & brother. The change didn't make sense at all since she was realistic about her dramatic & materialistic mother & weak-willed brother in the 1st half. I didn't know much about Hero aside from heroine's view of him in their early years together & his determination to avenge those who wronged him. His love declaration to heroine at the end didn't fit his previously distant & vengeful attitude. It was such an abrupt change to make it believable. The lack of information about other situations in the book also made it a confusing read to me. Overall, the romance was only fair. Sexual chemistry was average. Love scenes were barely detailed. 

Hardly recommended.

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