Dark and Dangerous by Jeanne Adams

Strong ex-wife of vengeful drug lord is on the run with her young son from her ex-husband who wants her dead & their son with him. She is aided by FBI agent Hero who is impressed by her strength. Both have an affair in midst of running away from her ex-husband & his henchmen.

I'm baffled by the 4 & 5 star ratings because I found this Adams' book sorely lacking.  From the 1st few pages, I found my attention wandering off. I had difficulty caring about the characters & the story.  Although the writing wasn't that bad, it failed to pull me in emotionally. The descriptions, dialogue, & characters seemed contrived. The romance, sexual chemistry, & love scenes seemed out of place.  I didn't care for the aggressive heroine paired with a weaker Hero.  He just seemed so impressed & awed with her, while heroine was trying to survive & outsmart her ex-husband & play footsies with the hero on the side.  I started skipping pages because I was bored with it.

Recommended as a good sleep aid.

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