Calypso's Enchantment by Kate Walker

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One year after her 7-day affair with Hero in Malta, heroine goes back to Malta to visit her sister & newborn nephew. She is shocked to see hotel-investor Hero there again & even more so, when he demands a repeat of their affair last year but this time on his terms. Hero still doesn't know why she suddenly left him last year & she is still reluctant to tell him the truth b/c she doesn't want to appear vulnerable to him. But his dogged persistence on renewing their affair & her strong attraction to him begins to wear her resistances down. 

I didn't like this Walker book. It was emotionally involving but with too much negative emotions. There was so much bitterness, resentment, anger, & anxiety. My shoulders were tensing up while reading it. Hero & heroine were also both mercurial. 
Their emotions changed quickly from being resentful to carefree to nostalgic to bitter in 1 sitting! Heroine was very high-strung & on-guard with Hero. I kept on thinking that she seriously needed a massage. Her anxiety was leaping off the pages! Heroine was also quick to jump to conclusions with Hero (and usually the wrong ones) & tended to say the opposite of what she was actually feeling or thinking. She did realize her tendencies to do so but didn't put much effort to change it. Basically, heroine was emotionally capricious & lacked self-control. 

Hero less emotionally capricious but he had his moments too, when he would go from laughing to cold silence to aggressive rage. I didn't like his game-playing with heroine. He was vengeful & prideful. He was certainly captivated with heroine but his ego got hurt when she left him with only a curt note to say goodbye. Their romance was volatile & I'm not sure about their future. If they can manage to be more open & truthful with each other, they might have a chance. 

Caution: lots of emotional instability in this one.

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