BLOG REVIEW: Kyriakis' Innocent Mistress by Diana Hamilton


Early-20s virgin nurse heroine (h) keeps reminding herself to be her usual sensible self when she's with mysterious & flirtatious 30s Hero (H), who she thinks is the hired hand of his wealthy Greek estate-owner. She's visiting the obscure Greek island to find H's employer & send him a message from her ailing patient, who is the estranged father of H's employer. But being around attractive H makes her forget what she's there for, esp when he makes it so clear how much he wants her. His conditions to answer her questions re: his employer's whereabouts involves dating him. She lets herself stop questioning why she gets so fired up with H, unlike any other man including her ex-fiance of 4 years, and just give on to her emotions. She lets him devirginize her bareback to H's shock. 

Hero is actually pretending to be his hired man to get info from heroine re: why his father sent her to find him. He thought she was deceptive, sent by his father to seduce him either to get info from him or to make him drop his complete business ruination of his father. H's revenge plans against his father began at age 14, when his wealthy father coldly rejected H's pleas for financial help for his poor & ailing mother so she can stop working & heal and his mother died in 10 months time. H worked hard to become wealthy & focused on financially ruining his father. But his father's been missing the last 6 months & the Pis he sent to watch his dad produced a photo of his father with a bikini-clad h at his pool. He thought h was hot & was probably his father's mistress. So, realizing she was a virgin with him that night made H realize he was wrong about her. Esp after she told him why she was there & how his father was very sick but better now & how his father deeply regretted how he lived before & esp how he mistreated H & his mother. 

Hero planned on confessing his true ID & motives to heroine the next day. But his true ID was accidentally revealed to h by 1 of the townspeople that night. She slaps him & leaves to go inside her B&B. Her Ex-fiance happened to be at her B&B to get her to give him a 2nd chance. She took the ferry back with her Ex early next morning & deliberately kissed him passionately, when she saw H striding towards them. She told her Ex after they boarded that she was never going to give him a 2nd chance & flew back to London separately. 2 days later, she's bac at her parent's home for Thanksgiving. She was shocked to see H come by & demand she go with him to see his father. She quickly rejected him with reasons re: her Ex. But H told her he knows she doesn't have a romance with him coz he had her & her Ex watched. H demanded that he's going to be around her coz she might be preggo from their night together. She went with him mostly coz she was concerned about how his father would fare from their meeting, expecting H to be as cold & cutting as he'd been to his father before. H wouldn't allow her to be in his meeting with his father so she had to wait outside the room. When they came out, H's father looked teary-eyed & h was about to nail H about his cruelty. But, when his father smiled & called for a celebratory lunch, she felt relieved. But H told his father that they had to leave ASAP for business. 

Hero abruptly asked heroine about his father's marriage proposal to her before she & H met. She told him she rejected it coz she wanted a real marriage with someone special but promised his father instead that she was going to help him look for H & send him his reconciliation message. She told him that she wasn't going to marry H either, whether she was pregnant or not but will let him be part of the baby's life. H asked her why & she told him she couldn't believe he'd want to marry a woman like her who he believed to be a liar, seducer, and money-hungry deceiver. H told her he was wrong & apologized & asked him to give both of them a chance to get to know each other better. He took her to his home & she lets him hotly smex her since she knew it was foolish to deny both of them what they mutually wanted. When she asked him why he was so vengeful against his father for years, H wouldn't tell her & told her it had nothing to do with their relationship. She blew up & told him that, if they were gonna have a change together, they can't have secrets. H told him he had to think about things & left. She phoned H's father to find out what happened to his meeting with H. H's father told her what happened & explained why H had been so vengeful. Right after, she quickly went to find H & told him he should've told her re: how his father exactly mistreated him & his mother. She didn't understand why he wouldn't tell her so he told her that he wanted to protect her good r/s with his father, who he believed to be a changed man. H thought that her learning about how horrible his father was in the past might change her fondness for his father to disgust. She told H he was stupid to believe that she was that weak & change in her compassionate nature for a contrite man like his father. H told her how his ILY & she also. Epilogue...4yrs later, H&h married & happy with their twins in their expanded home. She's heavily preggo with their 3rd & she wants a big family. H just told her he sold his business for a big profit & can now enjoy h & their kids more. HEA.

*119 pgs
*good writing with improved sex scenes per Diana Hamilton usual lack of sex scene details 
*well-rounded rom/rom development that had H&h confront & discuss their Big Misunderstanding & then follow it with how they maneuver their romance after
*loved that h didn't let H get away with his macho judgmentalism & confronted him about him wanting her only for sex & why he would still want her if he thought so badly about her
*loved h's quiet & kind toughness with others & her facing off with H when it came to their romance
*loved h's emotional maturity coupled with her sexual innocence that was believable given her lack of sexual interest in her ex-fiance & other men in general & her focus on her nursing career
*h only dated & became engaged to her ex-fiance due to her mother's pressure about her age & needing to be married soon but she realized she really wasn't into her ex-fiance coz she wasn't tempted to move in with him & was hardly hurt when he canceled their wedding
*H was a player who had casual sex & had short-term mistresses for sexual convenience only. He was about as focused as h was career-wise but his was further motivated by his revenge plans against his father
*loved H's open desire for h that he served with his charm & flirtatiousness
*loved their snappy & flirtatious banter with h having to remind herself repeatedly that she's really a sensible woman
*liked how their dual POV let us in their inner thoughts & motives & feelings
*h had some funny POV & funny desciptions
*loved how h wasn't afraid or shy to call H “stupid” & tell him how it is re: him only wanting her for sex
*good S chem
*the 2 Sex scenes were mostly generalized but had more details than usual per Diana Hamilton's usual
*average emotionality
*likable characters
*good char dev esp H who went from arrogant & vengeful cold man to a forgiving & open & devoted man who at the end tried to protect h & his father's relationship by not telling h how bad his father was years go 
*loved how H became jealous & possessively devoted to h

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