BLOG REVIEW: Tutor by K.D. Grace


Late-20s/early-30s fiction writer heroine (h) has moonlighted as a no-touch sex tutor the last 4 years & is reluctantly hired by touch-phobic famous sculptor, recluse 35yo Hero (H). H struggled with his phobia since after the car accident that killed his beloved mom when he was 10. If anyone tried to touch him, he would get very panicky, have vertigo, faint, and throw up. His touchable sculptures expresses his desire for touch. He specifically tries to assuage his out-of-control masturbation needs thru his creation of his private erotic sculptures. Her 1st session with H is filled with frank questions & answers about sex & masturbation by both of them, getting h uncharacteristically hot & bothered that she ends up mutually masturbating with clothes on with H & then falling asleep in the same room. She's so appalled by her unprofessional behavior that she leaves him asleep & tells her secretary to cancel all appointments with H with a brief note of apology to him of her unprofessional acts. 

Hero's best friend (BFF) & loyal household staff planned to get H&h back together, seeing how good heroine is for Hero. They find out from his BFF's cousin that h is a die-hard fan of H's art & get her & her BFF tickets to a booked charity auction in Portland. H's artist name is different than the name he gave her as her client so she was in total surprise to see him not only attend his 1st ever public appearance as the artist but make a speech while looking directly at her. She was shocked to see him make his way directly to her thru the crowds with a full flank of bodyguards around him until a pesky reporter almost touches him while peppering him with questions. He looked like he was about to faint & throw up & she along with his BFF-PA help him quickly exit out of the crowded mass. They become trapped at his estate the next few days due to the papparazzi outside his & her house partly due to the fake engagement scheme his BFF-PA & her BFF-secretary told to the press. It allowed H to show h his life & let her see both is hunger & fear of touching a woman. She helped normalize his desires & fears yet also encourage him to get closer to her bit by bit with him (i.e., H sitting/lying down closer to her, her feeding him with her spoon, mutual masturbation with partial nudity). H's frequent nightmares re: the car accident with her mom & hearing her teeth chatter from the wintry cold while part of his body is suffering from burns lead him to his erotic sculpture workshop. She follows him there & sees how his mental & emotional restlessness is assuaged by his creating his erotic sculptures & the masturbation that soon follows. 

Their growing intimacy heightens in how Hero is able to touch his erotic female sculpture and somehow make heroine feel that corresponding touch on her own body, leading both to many orgasms this way. The pesky reporter tries to make waves with info she dug up re: h's sex tutor job & her mom's background as well as H's car accident with his mom. She confronts the reporter about the full truth about her job & her mom's prostitution background while being inadvertently videotaped by h's BFF's young daughter. She needed some time to cool down so she goes to her cabin. H is worried about her so he & his BFF & her BFF drive to h's cabin & couldn't find her. H frantically looks for her in the woods & finds her cold & injured from a fall. He calls for help while leading h to a cave for shelter & warmth. He has both of them strip & actually touches & spoon with her inside a sleeping bag to warm her from potential hypothermia. Her chattering teeth produce dreams of the night of the car accident with his mom. This time he was able to fully remember all that happened that night & realized that his own father 1st found them at the accident site and was the 1 who extracted H out from below his mom's death body & left him out on the ground for someone else to find. He basically heard his father admit that he planned his mother to have a car accident since she was divorcing him but didn't know she was going to take H with her. Since H didn't remember his father being there that night & due to H's debilitating touch phobia, his father was never found guilty of involvement in his mom's death. His full knowledge of what happened & that he was in love with h was the fix needed to get over his touch phobia. As soon as the lawyers & their friends knew all about it, H finally got to touch & explore h the way they both wanted & hotly smex with a condom. They then agreed to get married & everyone's happy but not surprised. HEA.

*good overall writing
*interesting/unique romance
*pacing was meh due to some fillers via H & h's friends/co-workers who were all helping H & rooting for their romance as well as the interfering nosy reporter stuff
*skipped some pages just to get to the stuff about H getting physically closer to h
*lots of self-pleasuring while watching each other or telling the other what they wanted to do to each other as well as H's touching the sculpture & h feeling it on her body
*the statue-touching that both could bodily feel had a wooh-wooh/paranormal-ish tinge 

*H a very different Hero coz not alpha but not really beta either coz H had a psychological problem that became a sexual problem
*H a virgin who was tutored in what a woman's body felt like/etc by h
*liked h's quiet but strong character that knew when to back off & when to advise
*don't know how many BFs/lovers h had but she had enough to give her the experience she needed to be a sex tutor
*ok-good Sex chemistry & emotionality
*some explicit Sex scenes but more gentler with a mix of technique and emotions
*could tell author is British due to certain non-typical American word usage like knickers & wank

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