BLOG REVIEW: Blind Passion by Anne Mather

26yo office-assistant heroine (h) is secretly grateful but more stunned to find out that her one-night-stand (ONS) lover in London 10 years ago, 43yo banker Hero (H), doesn't recognize her now. Moreover, he's the father of her current boyfriend (BF), 22yo musician, who she's visiting Bermuda with to meet his family to assess if she wants to go further in their relationship. She doesn't inform either H or her BF about previously knowing H for fear of repercussions at finding out that her 9yo daughter is his. She can't find a good reason to shorten her trip there & go back home without arousing her BF's suspicions so she stays. H is baffled by her curt & avoidant attitude with him, when he's tried to be hospitable & get to know her as his son's girlfriend. He confronts her on it during his sister's art gallery party & she plays it off as nothing & spends some time with him at the party to make him less suspicious of her dislike of him. But it came up again during their yacht trip, when her BF got sick & asked H to entertain h. She avoided being close to H as much as she could & H finally asked her why she acted like he was so offensive. Their great tension erupts in H kissing h. He apologized & she told him to forget about it & she won't say anything to his son. 

She berated herself for still being attracted to Hero, esp since he didn't even remember her from that fateful night 10 years ago. To her shock, H tells her that kissing her jogged his memory of their ONS 10 years ago. She runs from him as soon they get back to shore in order to get her bearings. He goes after her to talk about why she didn't tell him who she was right away. She told him coz of her BF but he thinks there's more, despite her denial. He told her it makes sense why she's been so acrimonious towards him last 4 days coz she hasn't forgiven her. He also told her that he hasn't forgiven himself, realizing the next morning that she was not only gone but he didn't know her name & he was much older than her & that he devirginized her the night before. But he wanted to know why she left him without waking him up the next morning. She lied & told him it's coz he hurt her. 

What heroine didn't tell Hero was that the 1st time smexxing only hurt a pinch for a couple seconds. Although H only lasted 30 seconds before he pulled out & came on the bed, she still liked it & didn't reject him, even though he gave her a clear out a few times before he devirginized her. She enjoyed herself even more & orgasmed the 2nd time they smexxed bareback that night. She snuck out coz she had to go back to her parents home where she lived at that time. She didn't want H to know she still lived with her parents coz she lied to him about living with a roommate & lied about being older & financially independent too. What she also didn't tell him was that she was actually hoping that their ONS was the start of their romance. Ten years ago, she expected him to see her again or get in contact with her after their ONS since she told him where she worked. But H never came to see her in the next 6 weeks before her parents made her quit, after she told them she was preggo. What he didn't tell her til by the end was that he wanted to see h again but had to fly to US ASAP, after his divorce lawyer informed him that his soon-to-be-ex-wife absconded with their son to the US. H came back to see h at her workplace in London 2 months later but she'd already quit. 

Heroine tried to avoid her BF's hugs & kisses as much as possible since she now knew they were done. She didn't break up with him yet since she didn't want him to get suspicious of the timing of it. They've also never had sex & he wasn't pushing her to do so. He was fine with them merely touring around the islandsHero finds her alone at the beach the next day & they kiss again. They stopped when h realized that her BF just saw them & was going back inside the house. She told H she'd be the 1 to talk to BF. Her BF wasn't that upset re: her kissing his dad coz he just kissed another woman the night before & understood why h is breaking up with him. BF & h flew back to London that night without her talking to H about it privately & him not knowing that she & BF broke up. 1 month later, H surprised her at her apartment door. He told her that his son gave him her address & told her he did go after her 10 years ago. But, at finding her gone from her workplace, just let her go & regretted not going after her. He tells her his ILY (I love you). She was about to inform her re: their daughter but, when she saw H leaving, she calls him back & told him her ILY. H thought h was about to reject him but happy she loved him too  & hotly smexxed her. They hear her daughter & her mom back at h's apt right after they were done smexxing. At seeing & hearing h's daughter talk, H was in shock & left. He came back later that night & h told him why she didn't tell him re: their daughter. Epilogue...months later, H&h are married & living in London. Their daughter is getting used to H as her dad. Heroine tells h she's preggo & he's happy about it. HEA.

*loved the non-formulaic & unique HP plot typical of Anne Mather
*pacing was slow at times (i.e., 1st 6 pages) esp with boring fillers (i.e., location descriptions, bathing & meal descriptions)  
*average Sex/emo chem in general but a couple intense ones (i.e., right before & during H&h's date & ONS)  
*general Sex descriptions but enough to be somewhat hot & get the point across
*unrealistic & insulting to h that H only recognized her when they kissed again 9 years later. Either she has "magic lips" or H is a connoisseur of women's lips.
*ok characters but wished they were fleshed out more coz seemed to be missing much about their character history/etc on their 10-year gap
*not discussed but more hinted that H had other lovers after h
*no info re: if h was H's 1st after & his wife separated
*good-enough emotionality
*didn't like that H wasn't so into h that he didn't even find out her name or where/why she left when he came back to see her 2 months after their ONS 
*h's impact on H wasn't all that great for him to not even recognize her for days until he kissed her. She may have slimmed down greatly & her hair not as red as before & her face 10 years older. If she meant much to H at all, he would've at least somewhat recognized her. His non-recognition of her until the kiss shows that he didn't think of h at all in the past 10 years.

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