BLOG REVIEW: Billionaire's Revenge by Eden Proctor


29yo architect heroine (h) rejects the offer for a 6-week affair with her new boss & owner of her architect firm, her early-30s ex-BF Hero (H). He's finally able to avenge himself from feeling betrayed & crushed by h 9 years ago, when he overheard her tell someone on the phone that she could “never love someone like (him)”. He was a struggling college student who fell in love with h the 1st time he saw her working at their college library. He thought she reciprocated his love but the phone call showed him she'd been deceiving & lying to him all that time so he broke off their r/s right away, telling her it was fun while it lasted but he was done & no other explanation & just left her. 

Hero rose from poverty to billionaire status in past decade with variety of businesses, with his desire to humiliate heroine like the way he felt she did to him 9 years ago as his main motivation for success. She was shocked at how cold & bitter H had become, feeling confused & still hurt at how he just broke up with her 9 years ago when she gave her heart & virginity to him out of love & trust. Despite his threat to ruin her architect career & revoke her father's building license, she rejected his 6-wk affair demands. So, she was fired ASAP, locked out of her work computer, & escorted out of their bldg. She was confident of getting another job but, when she found out later that night that her beloved father's building license was just put on hold & meant no work for his company, she knew H meant business. She agreed to his 6-week sex affair, viewing it as her chance to get him out of her system esp with how cruel & cold he seems to be now so her great memories of him can be replaced with new bad ones & she can finally move on to finding OM to marry & have family with.H demanded she stay with him during their affair & get tested while showing proof of his STD test from 8 weeks ago(been celibate for her since) coz he wants bareback sex. 

The 1st time they hotly smexxed again Hero made sure they were on uneven ground with him dressed & hereoine nude & her back to him, with her embarrassed by her pudgier body while H wowed by how more amazingly her body has “blossomed” now. But he realized that she still had such a powerful hold on him, despite years with countless OW he'd smexxed & his anger with her. So, he made sure that she never spends time with him at this house & just keep her at the penthouse he bought solely to smex her in. He tried to leave her there but he ended up going back to be with her & slept well for the 1st time in 9 years. He scolded himself for buying the penthouse b/c she knew she would love the view & that he still remembered everything about her (i.e., fave color, what she ate 1st for breakfast, etc) & how memories of her are the only good thing of his past. He hated her hold on him so had to exercise control & only went to her late at night & leaving before she'd wake up in the morning in the next few weeks. Yet H kept thinking about her endlessly & had a hard time leaving her each time so he finally decided to take advantage of the remaining weeks he had with her. She happened to realize the opposite, at 1st encouraged & looking forward to seeing H the day she received the sexy dress he got for her but later realized how she's probably just a sex toy for him & her feelings are 1x again only on her side & it was foolish of her to think that there was any real connection happening on his end. So, she decided to quit waiting around for him at the penthouse & dressed in the outfit he got her to go out by herself for the 1st time since living in his penthouse. 

Hero's enraged when he finally tracked heroine down, after feeling crushed & empty when he thought her gone. He realized that all the success & money he has now has not erased the loneliness he's felt ever since he left her 9 years ago. She firmly told him he can't tell her what to do & where to go but they hotly smexxed. He took her to his island for the weekend &, for the 1st time since she saw him again 5 weeks ago, he sleeps with her through the night & spend time with her during the day & sees glimpses of the more open & softer man she fell in love with in the past. But, when she saw OM flirt with h, he accuses her of leading the OM on & asked if she would've smexxed OM if H wasn't around. She was about to leave & he told her to leave since she's never wanted him anyway & he didn't want her. So, she clarified if he was ending their temp affair & if he was going to honor his promise re: her job & his dad's company security. He said he'd already gotten what he wanted from her & he keeps his word unlike her. She rages at his accusation that she lies & breaks her promises esp since he's the 1 that left her & broke her heart & now he dares blame her & play games with her. He accused her of betraying & lying to him & wondered how many men she toyed with & she told just him & that there's only ever been him & left. She goes back to work & stay there til late night to forget H but he was inside her house, when she got back. So, she ignored him when she changed, made dinner, & ate before she finally talked to him. He was mad for her ignoring him coz reminded him of his bad childhood but he told her he has 2 more days left & hotly smexxed her then she left for her room & he follows her & sees her cry then asked her if she's pretending she's hurt & that it's his fault. SO she told him to leave & she doesn't hurt people to make herself feel better. He stays the night & hugs her to sleep then leaves her a note that theyr'e deal is done. 

Two months later, she realized she's pregnant & happy about it. She went to tell H she's preggo & the instantly thinks it's some other man's & she sarcastically said he thinks so highly of her & corrects him that he's the dad. He quickly tells her they have to get married & she rejects him coz she won't marry a man who doesn't love her but will let her see the baby & wants H to quit playing games with her. So he finally starts wondering if maybe he misunderstood her from 9 years ago & 1st asked her if she's had any other lovers aside from him. Her answer made him really questions his past judgement so he goes to see her later & finally asks her why she told her mom that she can't love someone like him. She explained that her mom was accusing H of being an unfriendly & distant & what he overheard was really that she can't love someone who's unfriendly & distant like that. She berated H for being a fool & not trusting her love for him that he didn't even bother to ask her what she meant & just misjudged her & left. She told him that he ripped her heart out by jumping to conclusions about her & now wants nothing to do with him unless its about the baby. H realized he was a fool but now was going to try to get h back. He talked openly with her parents & then waited for her outside her house, after her parents talk to her. He told her he loved her & how his past shaped him then to easily mistrust her love for him but now he's different & will prove his love & trust for her everyday. She told him she wants to believe him but still angry but does love him & accepts his hug & he tells her his I Love You & that he'll never let her go. Epilogue...7 mos later, they have a baby girl & now married & happy & H wants another baby soon. HEA.

*good writing & pacing
*average S chem
*good Sex scenes with emotion
*good emotionality with angsty/poignant moments,
*liked that H made himself celibate for 2 months coz planned to have affair with h & wanted bareback sex with her
*liked how deeply H felt for her to plan years worth of revenge on her in a stalker-y & obsessive way anticipating her moves & secretly following her himself & personally overseeing every aspect of his 18-months-long acquisition of h's firm
*liked h's independence so no problems shunning her wealthy parents' financial support since going to college coz wanted to make it on her own 
*liked quiet & strong h who valued herself & honest with herself so didnt' date coz she didnt' want to lower the bar after H & knew she wasnt' over him yet but was willing to find closure so she could move on from H by delving into a temporary affair with him
*didn't consider her a doormat but more that she knew what she wanted & wasn't willing to compromise
*liked that she didn't play games & upfront with him when she felt the need to disclose
*ending too abrupt & needed more groveling from H or at least pages to show how he made up his offenses to h other than just his promising to do so. h also surrendered too quickly but was consistent with her character.

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