BLOG REVIEW: His Virgin Apprentice by Ash Harlow

SPOILER-y Plot: 

18yo British boarding-school dropout heroine (h) is turned on by the blatant interest of her grandma's Pilates' senior employee, 30yo ex-pro Rugby player Hero (H). He tries to mask it by keeping things professional since he's assigned to train her as an apprentice Pilates instructor for 1 year by his boss & godmother, h's efficient grandma. His intense insta-lust for her, esp since she's not his usual tall & slender woman preference, astounds him & he tries to control it. But having her walk in his bathroom 2 weeks later & watch him while he's self-pleasuring to the thought of her in the shower magnifies their mutually growing attraction. So after dinner with her grandma & her friend, h suggests she & H watch a movie H supposedly told her about earlier. When they get to his place, they hotly smex bareback with H not deterred at all by h's virginity confession. In fact, he became very eager & possessive claimy “mine” at her confession, thinking he'll only ever be her only lover & even uncharacteristically nixed the condom idea coz wanted to breed her so he didn't pull out as he planned earlier. And she didn't mind. 

Hero talked to heroine after he smexxed her in the shower re: being discreet with their secret affair due to the gym's no-fraternizing policy & he didn't want to ruin her future by having her quit on her apprenticeship. He also told her to stop dating another trainer. But when H ignores her the whole day at work & goes to lunch with his beautiful toned woman client, her jealousy provoked her to give in to some immature revenge by going to the beach with the male trainer H warned her to stop hanging out with & didn't come back from a fun day with the OM & his friends til night. H looks livid & rushes her to his apartment & demands what's going on. She at 1st acts like a defensive teen but soon blurts out the truth re: her jealousy at him going out with his female client & H told her it was all business. She also told him of her fear that he'll 1 day tire of her short & dumpy self & move on to 1 of his toned & slim women admirers. H assured her of how much he loved her curvy T & A aside from how much he liked her smart & character & that it was her he can't stop thinking about. They hotly smex in his alpha-demanding dominant way with both eager for her to get pregnant. 

When their Pilates training get into sexy touching, 1 of the female trainers(OW) walks in on them & heroine frantic to try to defend her r/s with Hero with her grandma coz fears her grandma will send her back to London. But H assures her that won't happen coz he loves her & will talk to her grandma & will take care of things. He's intercepted by the female trainer on the way to h's grandma who thought they could be an item instead of him & H. He wanted OW to stop her tirade & work with him in the future so he deflected things by telling her that he'll get h out of working in their gym since she's too young & need to see the world. What he didn't know was that h heard what he told OW & she's really hurt by it, thinking that H's love profession was empty since he was out to protect his career 1st & foremost & was willing to sacrifice h for it. When she told her grandma she wanted to go back to London, her grandma told her H wouldn't like that (since he just confessed to grandma that he loved h & wanted to marry her, despite her grandma's warnings of moving too fast) & recommended that H&h talk things out coz she thinks they're perfect for each other. When she sees H again with his intense look on his face at her, her anxieties drop & she knows he was never going to sacrifice her for himself & that her jealousy was for nothing. He tells her to promise him never to run away & ignore him again, when she has a problem with him. And to talk to him about it instead & she promised. He gave her suggestions about going to art school for photography, which she loved. He told her he'll be with her forever & that she's it for him & they hotly smex. Epilogue...5 yrs later, she finished art school & had her photography studio in their house close to the Pilates' gym that was deeded to her & H by her grandma. They have 3 kids (1st is a boy & next 2 are twins) & h is about to give birth to their 2nd set of twins. HEA.

*88 pgs
*good overall writing with focus on romance 
*good insta-lust-love romance
*dual 1st-person POV so get H&h's thoughts & feelings
*average-good S chem
*average-good emotionality
*predictable plot with some drama but not too much nor prolonged
*likable characters for the most part. Heroine sometimes acted immature but understandably so due to her age & experience. She did make some progress towards the end. 
*liked that h was portrayed like a normal 18yo with their uncertainties about their future yet she learned quickly & easy to acknowledge her immaturity when wrong & quick to bring things out in the open with H instead of continuing to play games
*liked H's understanding of & patiently working with h's immaturity issues & liked that he took the partner route with her instead of a parent figure or some such *good in-your-face explicit S with emotions/romance
*may have started as full-on lust for H but loved how quickly he became obsessed with her & craved to know all about her including why she was expelled from school (she was blackmailing another student's dad who was blackmailing her BFF with a sex vid he took of them which would remove her chances of getting into Oxford so h took the blame) & what she liked/was into (photography) after they'd already had sex
*loved the combo of OTT alpha demanding dirty-talking possessive-claimy “mine” H with his gentler & considerate, patient, & encouraging ways with h

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