BLOG REVIEW: Dirty Billionaire bk2 by Meghan March

 SPOILER-y Plot:

22yo newbie country-singer heroine (h) is back in Nashville & hurried through her apt to get her stuff to get on the tour bus in time. Businessman Hero (H) still hasn't called or texted her. And she only left a 2-line “goodbye” note for H in their apt. When her country-signer BFF (best friend) grilled her on why she didn't fly on her husband's private plane, h reluctantly told her that H basically forgot about her. Her BFF sympathized with her but also suggested that she give H a 2nd chance when he comes for her to grovel, knowing about h's trust issues due to her neglectful mom. When H gets back home after an 8-hour meeting, he was shocked to find her gone but leaving all the stuff he gave her, esp the guitar. He admitted to his business partner BFF that he forgot about h & her plan to fly back to Nashville for her concert tours. He looks all over for her from Nashville to TX & finally got to see her singing in concert while waiting to see her in person & he was amazed at her talent. 

When he finally gets to see her again, he immediately apologizes for not fulfilling his promise to fly her to Nashville in time. Then he demands that she's no way going to stay the night in a tour bus with a bunch of men & that she's spending the night with him in a hotel & be back in time for their tour bus leaving the next day. He demands her to strip right away & she tells him “no” even when he reminded her of their marriage deal coz she told him they were done when she realized he was putting her chance at realizing her dream with her just-starting singer career at risk by just conveniently forgetting about her. When he told her that's gonna take care of that, she basically told him she didn't trust him to do that since their prenup made clear that she'd get nothing if they got divorced. So, she can't count on him but only on herself. He told her that he knows he's the one that messed up & he intends to put their marriage back on track the way he knows how. Since she knows that their sex life is pretty much the only thing in their marriage that's guaranteed, she strips for him & they hotly smex after dinner. H is realizing how much he wants to stay married to h & it's not as easy as he thought but it's worth it for him. So, he goes on tour with her the next 10 days in their own tour bus he got her & watched how hard she works in her career & how amazingly talented she is. 

But when they got back to NYC to make it to H's charity gala, she encounters OW who informed her that she was H's 1st wife & she left him b/c he's all about winning & told h they're marriage won't last since she is out of place in their NYC life & he'll eventually tire of her in pursuit of his next win. She was in shock that H didn't inform her of his 1st wife even though he did of his 2nd wife & her words about not fitting in & that she'll just be a liability to H & that being his wife will likely mean pushing her career aside coincided with her own insecurities & doubts. So, she had a little panic attack & fell back on the museum wall & somebody got H to check on her. When they got home & H had his doctor check on her, he insisted her tell her what happened so she told him about meeting his 1st ex-wife & what she told her. H told her that marrying his 1st ex-wife when he was young was a mistake & a whim, which sounded to h like their own marriage. When H said she & his 1st ex-wife have nothing in common, she told him that's what his ex-wife said about her & H & that she's just H's new toy-of-the-moment with an expiration date. H realized he was in love with h & that it hurt for her not trust him after everything he did for her, including her not yet knowing about the buying out her recording company she was under. So he told her that if she's looking to leave him again then she'll likely find one but he's not gonna beg her to stay & then he leaves, after she didn't say anything. She sits there alone with need to get out of H's penthouse coz she felt that she didn't belong there. So she packs her stuff & leaves to the only home she's ever known and again leaves H the same 2-word “goodbye” note. Cliffhanger ending.

* 150+ pgs
* 2nd book was angsty with some sexy marriage-sex 
* 2nd book with H making some emotional, romantic, & character development but h still kinda confused but doing some growing pains too
* 2nd book with good emotionality with some angst-poignancy with h viewing herself as H's current entertainment but is not really valued by him for herself esp when he didn't even call to tell her about his business meeting that interfered with her set plans to fly out to Nashville for her tour & just made her wait & made her think he just forgot about her & what's important to her
* good emotionality with angst/poignancy before she left H
* good S chem/explicit sex with romance with some anal rimming/sex in bk2
* overall good writing/pacing
* overall liked quiet but strong inside country girl h with her honesty & straightforwardness & feistiness when pushed where she doesn't want to go
* overall loved alpha demanding dirty-talking H with his unusual possessive-protective claimy “mine” obsession with h

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