BLOG REVIEW: His Virgin Apprentice by Ash Harlow

SPOILER-y Plot: 

18yo British boarding-school dropout heroine (h) is turned on by the blatant interest of her grandma's Pilates' senior employee, 30yo ex-pro Rugby player Hero (H). He tries to mask it by keeping things professional since he's assigned to train her as an apprentice Pilates instructor for 1 year by his boss & godmother, h's efficient grandma. His intense insta-lust for her, esp since she's not his usual tall & slender woman preference, astounds him & he tries to control it. But having her walk in his bathroom 2 weeks later & watch him while he's self-pleasuring to the thought of her in the shower magnifies their mutually growing attraction. So after dinner with her grandma & her friend, h suggests she & H watch a movie H supposedly told her about earlier. When they get to his place, they hotly smex bareback with H not deterred at all by h's virginity confession. In fact, he became very eager & possessive claimy “mine” at her confession, thinking he'll only ever be her only lover & even uncharacteristically nixed the condom idea coz wanted to breed her so he didn't pull out as he planned earlier. And she didn't mind. 

Hero talked to heroine after he smexxed her in the shower re: being discreet with their secret affair due to the gym's no-fraternizing policy & he didn't want to ruin her future by having her quit on her apprenticeship. He also told her to stop dating another trainer. But when H ignores her the whole day at work & goes to lunch with his beautiful toned woman client, her jealousy provoked her to give in to some immature revenge by going to the beach with the male trainer H warned her to stop hanging out with & didn't come back from a fun day with the OM & his friends til night. H looks livid & rushes her to his apartment & demands what's going on. She at 1st acts like a defensive teen but soon blurts out the truth re: her jealousy at him going out with his female client & H told her it was all business. She also told him of her fear that he'll 1 day tire of her short & dumpy self & move on to 1 of his toned & slim women admirers. H assured her of how much he loved her curvy T & A aside from how much he liked her smart & character & that it was her he can't stop thinking about. They hotly smex in his alpha-demanding dominant way with both eager for her to get pregnant. 

When their Pilates training get into sexy touching, 1 of the female trainers(OW) walks in on them & heroine frantic to try to defend her r/s with Hero with her grandma coz fears her grandma will send her back to London. But H assures her that won't happen coz he loves her & will talk to her grandma & will take care of things. He's intercepted by the female trainer on the way to h's grandma who thought they could be an item instead of him & H. He wanted OW to stop her tirade & work with him in the future so he deflected things by telling her that he'll get h out of working in their gym since she's too young & need to see the world. What he didn't know was that h heard what he told OW & she's really hurt by it, thinking that H's love profession was empty since he was out to protect his career 1st & foremost & was willing to sacrifice h for it. When she told her grandma she wanted to go back to London, her grandma told her H wouldn't like that (since he just confessed to grandma that he loved h & wanted to marry her, despite her grandma's warnings of moving too fast) & recommended that H&h talk things out coz she thinks they're perfect for each other. When she sees H again with his intense look on his face at her, her anxieties drop & she knows he was never going to sacrifice her for himself & that her jealousy was for nothing. He tells her to promise him never to run away & ignore him again, when she has a problem with him. And to talk to him about it instead & she promised. He gave her suggestions about going to art school for photography, which she loved. He told her he'll be with her forever & that she's it for him & they hotly smex. Epilogue...5 yrs later, she finished art school & had her photography studio in their house close to the Pilates' gym that was deeded to her & H by her grandma. They have 3 kids (1st is a boy & next 2 are twins) & h is about to give birth to their 2nd set of twins. HEA.

*88 pgs
*good overall writing with focus on romance 
*good insta-lust-love romance
*dual 1st-person POV so get H&h's thoughts & feelings
*average-good S chem
*average-good emotionality
*predictable plot with some drama but not too much nor prolonged
*likable characters for the most part. Heroine sometimes acted immature but understandably so due to her age & experience. She did make some progress towards the end. 
*liked that h was portrayed like a normal 18yo with their uncertainties about their future yet she learned quickly & easy to acknowledge her immaturity when wrong & quick to bring things out in the open with H instead of continuing to play games
*liked H's understanding of & patiently working with h's immaturity issues & liked that he took the partner route with her instead of a parent figure or some such *good in-your-face explicit S with emotions/romance
*may have started as full-on lust for H but loved how quickly he became obsessed with her & craved to know all about her including why she was expelled from school (she was blackmailing another student's dad who was blackmailing her BFF with a sex vid he took of them which would remove her chances of getting into Oxford so h took the blame) & what she liked/was into (photography) after they'd already had sex
*loved the combo of OTT alpha demanding dirty-talking possessive-claimy “mine” H with his gentler & considerate, patient, & encouraging ways with h

BLOG REVIEW: Acquisition: The Complete Series by Celia Aaron


25yo loner artist heroine (h) reluctantly agrees to a 1-year contract to be owned by arrogant & controlling district attorney, 29yo Hero (H), to save her beloved father from being sentenced to prison & dying there per H's instructions. H wants to be indifferent to her & treat her like a possession as fitting of an Acquisition but he finds himself possessive & protective over her, esp during the Acquisition trials where others get to see naked & even touch her but she was able to fight them off. She'd like to hate him, esp after he viciously whipped her during the Acquisition ball, but she can't help being drawn to him too. He confused her since his vicious whipping didn't jive with the obvious remorse & desperate tending he did to her after she fainted from the whippings per her maid's info. Plus being part of the Acquisition was not his choosing. It took her close to 1 month to recover from her whipped back with help of her maid, who she soon found out experienced what she did 20 years ago as the Acquisition of H's mother. When H saw her again, she could see how haunted & sorry he was for hurting her & they soon hotly smexxed bareback with H pulling out but his bro watched them & goaded H re: sharing h. She got a little revenge by making H jealous, when she deliberately held her stepbro's hands & kissed him goodbye during her reward visit to her dad. But she softens & yields to him again, when he tenderly cared for her when she fell from her horse after a lightning struck them. They hotly smexxed bareback with both letting their feelings for each other come through. Right after though, they both tell each other that it can't happen again with H making a cryptic comment re: getting through the 1-year Acquisition trial. 

Things come to a head when H showed h the sale documents her father signed before she signed the contract, selling her to H for $1million. His jealousy over how she stood behind her younger bro made him see the truth about her dad, when she demanded to go see him at the hospital he was at. But she ended up hating him for the truth re: her dad so she told him she was choosing her younger bro (OM) as her new owner since OM just told them that she can choose him as her owner per their mom's info. H threatened her younger bro & told him he doesn't know all the rules & consequences but his younger bro threatened him back. She flies to Cuba with OM & tries to avoid the next 2 week while he's busy with their sugar business. But he puts the pressure on to yield to him but she rejects him since she's tired of men in her life using her for their own greedy ends. 

A farm revolt has her waiting in OM's room while he takes care of his rebelling farm workers. Hero surprised her, when he came into the room wounded from knife wounds she helps tend to as she sees him remorseful of hurting her thru the Acquisition yet stuck with having to continue with the Acquisition and feeling possessive over her. H makes her lie next to him but she refused until he grabs her. OM takes her from H as H was about to smex her. She lets OM kiss & touch her (i.e. finger her, kiss her boobs) a couple times as part of her plan to use OM's desire for her to mess with the 2 brothers & to escape from the stress of the Acquisition trials esp since OM has officially become her new owner. But that last time before the Christmas trial hunt, she told OM to stop before he smexxed her coz she realized she only wanted H. H rescues her from the Christmas trial hunt right after her stepbro got to her 1st & boasted re: smexxing her roughly in front of others but H knocked him out & got h back in the lodge while still wearing his hunting mask & pretending he's his brother OM. OM helps them make noise in his room so others will think he's raping her while H is carefully tending to h, who was surprised that he came back for her but he said always keeps his promises esp after his bro OM suddenly called him to let him know that he's transferring ownership of h back to him w/o explaining why & updated him re: the Christmas hunt plans. She asked him why he couldn't stay as kind as he was with her now & not turn back to a cold-hearted monster. H said he couldn't due to his obligation but wouldn't say anymore & became distant again, telling h to inform the Acquisition leader later that day that she wanted to transfer owners from OM back to H. She realized that he loved her & felt hurt when he had to hurt her. So, she was ok with & turned on with him inflicting some BDSM pain on her. 

Hero surprised heroine with a friendly spa team from Hollywood she befriended when they prepared her for the ball. They had a lovely Christmas dinner together, except for her missing maid who'd been tending to H's demented mom on the upstairs rooms. When h asked H about the spring Acquisition trial in 3 months, he clammed up & became cold & harsh with her again, telling her that sex with her didn't mean as much as winning the Acquisition did. She confronted him of his love for her but he denied it & told her he was just playing her yet she insisted that he did love her. She goes up to his mom's suite upstairs in hopes of getting some answers H won't tell her from her maid. But his mom was more lucid this time & willing to give her answers, despite her maid's pleas for h to go back downstairs. She found out from H's mom how she harshly molded H to be the cold & heartless man he is now, when he was still a child who she let witness her 1st murder of 1 of the Acquisition players at that time & had his workers killed also. H's mom also told h of the 7 Acquisition rules, with the 1st rule: the loser Acquirer will have to kill his youngest sibling. When H found out h knew everything re: the Acquisition, he left to stay in town & allowed her the run of his family mansion. 

Heroine trained for combat with her Russian former-fighter friend the next 2 months with her goal to dismantle the Acquisition once & for all, spurred on by knowledge that failing meant that H's beloved youngest bro will die. So, when H brought a beautiful date (OW) to his younger bro's bday party, h was hurt & had no problem sparring with him with all her might while asking him who OW was & if he loved her & why he'd been stayed away from h for months. H told her that he didn't want to distract her from her training & he was wooing OW (who's the Acquisition leader's daughter) as part of their plan to bring the Acquisition group down. She won 1x of the 2 battles with the other 2 Acquisitions during the Spring trial, where the loser has their family member brought there be savagely hurt or killed. She deliberately lost 1 battle to the male Acquisition who she befriended to save his young sister to the detriment of her father, who she didn't mind being punished for his lies & selfishness. 

When she woke up after the battle, heroine's wounds were being tended to by her maid & learned that H had gone to fly off somewhere with OW for a few weeks. Her uncertainty re: H's real relationship with OW & hurt from his lack of contact with her weakened her resolve to succumb a bit to his bro OM's kisses with help of alcohol he plied her with but put a stop to it coz could only think of H, although turned on by OM's sexual touches. OM agreed to sleep with her without trying anything & that's what H walked into the next morning, when he was eager to see h since he'd missed her so much & doing his best to make an ally with OW. He felt hurt & betrayed at thinking h finally succumbed to OM so said some harsh words to her, when she happily saw him again but felt hurt & betrayed herself by him defending OW & rejecting her. As much as she wanted to hurt H as he hurt her for assuming she'd smex his bro OM, she couldn't take revenge on him by betraying him with his bro coz she wasn't like that & she was glad she's retaining this part of herself despite all that's happened. So, when H ordered her to give up her room for OW & sleep in the barn & be at OW's beck & call, h complied coz she wanted H to win to save his brother so then she can be done with them & leave them forever. It hurt more when she realized that H was now engaged to OW but she kept her cool during the engagement dinner filled with Acquisition players. But, when she was almost anal-raped by her stepbro who was 1 of the dinner guests, H realized his love for h could overlook her smexxing his bro & was relieved to find out from h's maid re: h not smexxing his bro OM. 

Hero apologized to heroine & told her his ILY (I love you) & that he never intended to marry OW but was covering up for her & her real BF coz intends to ruin her father soon. She told him her ILY& would only forgive him if he promised to completely demolish the Acquisition with her & he complied. Their affair blossomed with H at times spending time with OW to cover up for her romance with her secret BF. H's mom had 1 lucid time, where she confirmed to H that she wanted him to do away with the Acquisition & that she hoped that his & h's love for each other will save them. The last trial came as a surprise with a surprise visit from the Acquisition leader who told h &H to go to the destination with him. She chose to be the 1 beaten by the leader instead of her beating H as the last Acquisition challenge. H became the next Acquisition leader due to the sacrfice h made for him, which was 1 of the secret Acquisition leader rules. He tended to h the next few weeks sorry for what she had to go though for him & awed that she would do so. They planned the demise of all Acquisition players the next 3 weeks. So, at H's coronation day, his 1st plan was to revoke himself as the Acquisition leader & pit each player against each other to be the next leader with weapons he put out there at their disposal. They all started killing each other while H&h & their group snuck outside in the secret door while all the doors were locked. She lit the fuse which blew up the mansion with all the Acquisition players in there. Months later at Christmas time, her stepbro stabs her maid & almost abducts her but H's younger bro got there but he shot him. She went after stepbro with a knife & killed him. Epilogue...2 years later, H&h married & have a toddler son & she's almost due with twin girls. H's bros are happy & healthy. HEA.

*556 pgs
*good suspenseful writing & pacing, esp when h & the other 2 Acquisitions were being hunted down
*loved h's quiet but tough inner strength & determination to survive her 1-yr enslavement(with whippings & forced tattooes) with cool grit as she can muster & not let H or anyone else involved in the Acquisition break her down & instead quietly store up her rage into vengeance for all involved
*good emo with angst/poignancy from H&h's secret care & longing for each other that they had to resist & can't show coz of others & H thinking she slept with his bro so banished her to the barns & made her be servant to OW he was now engaged with
*good char change with h transforming from a somewhat placid wanna-be artist recovering from her suicide attempt to becoming more fiery & then determined to survive the Acquisition intact & bloodthirsty for revenge
*loved H's character change from an indifferent & cold-hearted manipulator who only wanted to be on top to being protective & secretly caring of h that he was haunted by his whipping of h & what he had to do for the Acquistion game. H was inherently a kind & caring person as it shows with his youngest bro but being the 1st-born trained to continue their Acquisition role by his crazy mother warped his character but being with h gradually helped steady him
*loved H's alpha demanding possessive-protectiveness over h. But wished he was quicker about chasing after h the 2 times she went away with his brother OM, who was obvious about desiring h. Instead, it took him crucial days to weeks to finally go after her coz he was either moping or feeling helpless. Then, he'd act jealous, demanding, & worried with h for possibly smexxing OM now.
*loved having both their POVs coz got good grasp of the inner workings of both characters 
*average S chem
*good explicit S with emo & some BDSM-y spankings & rough smexxing but not overdone or overfocused
*h tried to commit suicide a few years ago by slitting her wrist but her dad found her & rushed her to hospital. It took her 1 year to recover but was still a loner for years after.
*h only had sex 1x & it was with her ex-stepbro (their parents were only married for 6 mos) coz she was still an emotional mess from her mom's suicide death & she considered the sex a “non-event”
*liked that she let her anger out by frankly confronting him on his abuse of her & slapping him to defend herself from him to a limit & her petty revenge re: playing it up with her stepbro
*liked that she stood toe to toe with him emotionally including feeling possessive of him
*didn't like how h was sorta easy with letting men kiss/touch her that she even let her stepbro devirginize her even though she wasn't into him coz she just wanted to escape her bad feelings
*good rom/rom dev & emotionality

BLOG REVIEW: Dirty Billionaire bk3 by Meghan March



22yo Kentucky country singer 22yo heroine (h) drives to her grandma's house, feeling distraught about her marriage & feeling like she's lost herself. Her car dies & the popular bad boy in high school is now the mechanic who hauls her out of her house & get her around town to help her out of her funk. She gets drunk at the old bowling alley she worked at & where she had her singing career started until her husband, billionaire Hero (H), shows up & tells her she's had enough. She doesn't relent until she sings a few songs, including 1 about being an ornament in a rich man's life for a little while. H knows he has to convince her that she is his life. He tries to take her home in her drunken state but h's bad-boy friend isn't making it easy on H, telling him that he didn't do right by her & threatening him if he doesn't treat her right. 

Next morning H told her to stop running away from him & that, if she has a problem with him next time, to talk to him about it & they'll figure it out. He told her he never want to feel like that again & will do whatever he can to make sure she doesn't leave him again. She promised she won't run away again. H said that he's staying with her b/c she's there & that they don't need to be complicated & that he ILY (I love you)-ed her. She was stunned at his ILY & he told her that he doesn't expect to hear it back until she can say it freely without games or manipulation on his part. Then, they hotly smex. They shared their childhood upbringing (H's beloved missionary parents killed in Africa & he was shipped to boarding school by his uncle coz he was unwanted while his younger sister raised by his aunt). She soon tells him her ILY as he's openly affectionate even in public & keeps telling her how much he loves her & his willingness to do anything to make her happy. 

H has to go back to NYC due to urgent business matters but doesn't give details to H & h doesn't ask either. Next morning news hits re: H buying out her recording company & the financial troubles with her uncle linked with it as well as details of his 1st marriage per her mom's given info. She didn't know why H didn't share his troubles with her esp since he bought the recording company for her sake. She's mad at him for failing to share them with her but didn't run away from him this time. Instead knew she it was now her turn to stand by him & fight for him. She also changed the locks on her grandma's house & finally resolved to toughen up with her mom's proclivity to make trouble. He's happy to see her supporting him & they say more ILYs & figure out how to fix his uncle's business threat with unexpected help of his mafia bio dad who he just found out about & just met. Epilogue...9mos later, she wins a CMA (Country Music Association) award for the single she wrote about meeting H on 5th Ave & she's pregnant with their daughter & they're going on their honeymoon. HEA.

* 150+ pgs
* 3rd book was sweet with H certain & open about his love for h
* liked that Hero groveled some by showing how constant he was in supporting her in her career & openly showing his love for her.
* h's character change in bk3 was both good & bad for me. Good was that she became more determined & feisty. Bad was that she became more (& unnecessarily) mouthy & crude, which took away from the sweetness & innocence that I liked about her character in bks1 & 2. Her tendency to run away from H/her problems also got old & irritating. But she did (wo)man up & stayed to work with her problems with H instead of running away again.
 * less emotional impact & no real angst compared to bks1 & 2 since their romance became more stable in bk3
* good S chem/explicit sex with romance with some anal rimming/sex in bk3
* overall good writing/pacing
* overall liked quiet but strong inside country girl h with her honesty & straightforwardness & feistiness when pushed where she doesn't want to go
* overall loved alpha demanding dirty-talking H with his unusual possessive-protective claimy “mine” obsession with h

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BLOG REVIEW: Dirty Billionaire bk2 by Meghan March

 SPOILER-y Plot:

22yo newbie country-singer heroine (h) is back in Nashville & hurried through her apt to get her stuff to get on the tour bus in time. Businessman Hero (H) still hasn't called or texted her. And she only left a 2-line “goodbye” note for H in their apt. When her country-signer BFF (best friend) grilled her on why she didn't fly on her husband's private plane, h reluctantly told her that H basically forgot about her. Her BFF sympathized with her but also suggested that she give H a 2nd chance when he comes for her to grovel, knowing about h's trust issues due to her neglectful mom. When H gets back home after an 8-hour meeting, he was shocked to find her gone but leaving all the stuff he gave her, esp the guitar. He admitted to his business partner BFF that he forgot about h & her plan to fly back to Nashville for her concert tours. He looks all over for her from Nashville to TX & finally got to see her singing in concert while waiting to see her in person & he was amazed at her talent. 

When he finally gets to see her again, he immediately apologizes for not fulfilling his promise to fly her to Nashville in time. Then he demands that she's no way going to stay the night in a tour bus with a bunch of men & that she's spending the night with him in a hotel & be back in time for their tour bus leaving the next day. He demands her to strip right away & she tells him “no” even when he reminded her of their marriage deal coz she told him they were done when she realized he was putting her chance at realizing her dream with her just-starting singer career at risk by just conveniently forgetting about her. When he told her that's gonna take care of that, she basically told him she didn't trust him to do that since their prenup made clear that she'd get nothing if they got divorced. So, she can't count on him but only on herself. He told her that he knows he's the one that messed up & he intends to put their marriage back on track the way he knows how. Since she knows that their sex life is pretty much the only thing in their marriage that's guaranteed, she strips for him & they hotly smex after dinner. H is realizing how much he wants to stay married to h & it's not as easy as he thought but it's worth it for him. So, he goes on tour with her the next 10 days in their own tour bus he got her & watched how hard she works in her career & how amazingly talented she is. 

But when they got back to NYC to make it to H's charity gala, she encounters OW who informed her that she was H's 1st wife & she left him b/c he's all about winning & told h they're marriage won't last since she is out of place in their NYC life & he'll eventually tire of her in pursuit of his next win. She was in shock that H didn't inform her of his 1st wife even though he did of his 2nd wife & her words about not fitting in & that she'll just be a liability to H & that being his wife will likely mean pushing her career aside coincided with her own insecurities & doubts. So, she had a little panic attack & fell back on the museum wall & somebody got H to check on her. When they got home & H had his doctor check on her, he insisted her tell her what happened so she told him about meeting his 1st ex-wife & what she told her. H told her that marrying his 1st ex-wife when he was young was a mistake & a whim, which sounded to h like their own marriage. When H said she & his 1st ex-wife have nothing in common, she told him that's what his ex-wife said about her & H & that she's just H's new toy-of-the-moment with an expiration date. H realized he was in love with h & that it hurt for her not trust him after everything he did for her, including her not yet knowing about the buying out her recording company she was under. So he told her that if she's looking to leave him again then she'll likely find one but he's not gonna beg her to stay & then he leaves, after she didn't say anything. She sits there alone with need to get out of H's penthouse coz she felt that she didn't belong there. So she packs her stuff & leaves to the only home she's ever known and again leaves H the same 2-word “goodbye” note. Cliffhanger ending.

* 150+ pgs
* 2nd book was angsty with some sexy marriage-sex 
* 2nd book with H making some emotional, romantic, & character development but h still kinda confused but doing some growing pains too
* 2nd book with good emotionality with some angst-poignancy with h viewing herself as H's current entertainment but is not really valued by him for herself esp when he didn't even call to tell her about his business meeting that interfered with her set plans to fly out to Nashville for her tour & just made her wait & made her think he just forgot about her & what's important to her
* good emotionality with angst/poignancy before she left H
* good S chem/explicit sex with romance with some anal rimming/sex in bk2
* overall good writing/pacing
* overall liked quiet but strong inside country girl h with her honesty & straightforwardness & feistiness when pushed where she doesn't want to go
* overall loved alpha demanding dirty-talking H with his unusual possessive-protective claimy “mine” obsession with h

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BLOG REVIEW: Dirty Billionaire bk1 by Meghan March


22yo trailer-park contest-winner heroine (h) is looking for her 1st ONS (one night stand) ever in a NYC bar as her Christmas gift for herself on her 1st Christmas alone since her beloved grandma died & after 8 frustrating months of her 1-year contract with her record company to pretend to be the GF of a flailing but scandalous country singer. She's rescued by a handsy paunchy man by jaded manho billionaire businessman, 33yo Hero (H), who'd been watching h since she 1st came in the high-end bar, looking innocent & refreshingly out of place. She soon recognizes billionaire H from the mags she's read & amazed that he'd be interested in someone unsophisticated like her but doesn't let on that she knows him. H plans on claiming her in a primal possessive way he's been feeling towards her from the 1st and that he'd never felt before for any other woman. She beats him to it by asking if he's interested in a ONS with her. She nervously takes him to her hotel room & has to talk herself into going through with it & he's stunned that she doesn't want to exchange names. They hotly smex 4 times that night with some spanking & making H feel like he's never before with his countless past lovers. So, waking up with her & her stuff gone & the hotel adamant about not giving her name or info makes H frantic to find her. 

H puts a newspaper ad that goes viral, looking for mysterious h he had a tryst with & wanting her to meet him at midnight @ same hotel room on New Year's Eve to receive the engagement ring & prenup he'll be bringing her. She is in shock & torn at reading it esp since her recording company had already planned to have her fake BF propose to her on New Year's Eve to boost their careers & failure to do so would be a breach of contract. She chose H, despite the lust-only motive & likely divorce & getting her emotions tangled up but at least the monetary payoff will be worth it to jump-start her flailing career per her current recording contract. When she told him her name & that she was a country singer, he realized she had a well-publicized BF & his plans to propose to her that night so he told her he drew the line at marrying a cheating whore like her since he had a no-cheating rule. She was set to leave, kicking herself for the wrong choice she made, until he insisted in asking her why she came to him tonight & why she went to the bar to pick him up a week ago. She told him it was to escape reality & it was a Christmas gift to herself, given that she'd been celibate for 14 months. He wasn't going to let her leave & demanded more details re: her 14-month celibacy & so she hesitantly told him the PR secret re: her fake BF. Then, H told her they're off to Vegas to get married with a detailed 50-page prenup. They hotly smex on their wedding night with h wondering what she got into with H's dominant ways in & out of the bedroom. 

H's decision to marry h was impulsive with goal of getting more of the amazing sex he's had with her and with clear intent of not getting attached but he's not sure where his possessiveness of her is coming from. While h thinks she's just his new toy of the moment but will likely tire of her later. She puts her foot down when he tried to railroad her singing career by telling her she can't go to Nashville to go back on her tour coz she has to work around his work schedule. She told him she wants out of their marriage now but he told her he's not done with her & apologized for minimizing her career & promised her to make it a priority. However, when she was schedules to fly back to Nashville via H's private plane, H didn't come through & he didn't answer her numerous texts & phone calls from her. She got a hold of his business partner who told her that H was stuck in an important meeting he couldnt' get out of while h's manager had finally threatened that she'll be off the tour if she didn't show up for their concert that night. She felt disappointed in H for not giving her the common courtesy to contact her to inform her about his business meeting & delayed flight, when she made it clear to him just the day before how much her singing career meant to her. She was also disappointed in herself for trusting H even for a short time & solidified her view that she really can't count on anyone but herself. So, she left NYC & paid for a commercial flight to Nashville with her own money & brought only her own clothes & left the credit cards & clothes he gave her & even the nice guitar he gave her. She once again felt treated like she was secondary & only good for the others' convenience ala her neglectful mom who made her follow along from 1 trailer to the next per her boyfriend change & finally dropped off at her grandma's at age 14 when her mom found her inconvenient with her new RV-ing BF. Cliffhanger ending.

* 150+ pgs
* 1st book was sexy & good S chem with some angst at the end 
* good emotionality with angst/poignancy before she left H
* good S chem/explicit S with emo 
* liked h's mix of naivete and ambition & determination as well as her quiet strength couple with her elegant sexiness
* overall good writing/pacing
* overall liked quiet but strong inside country girl h with her honesty & straightforwardness & feistiness when pushed where she doesn't want to go
* overall loved alpha demanding dirty-talking H with his unusual possessive-protective claimy “mine” obsession with h
* H a regular manwhore used to 4somes. h only had 3 other lovers (a high-school BF & a FB at the bowling alley she worked at) & an almost-lover with songwriter who she oraled or was oraled by but stopped coz didn't want a ONS with him

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