BLOG REVIEW: Catch Him by S. Doyle


28yo SF cop heroine(h) accepts date with dashing British stranger, 30s businessman Hero(H), who she met the night before as a suspect for breaking & entering at his friends' house due to house alarm going off for not having the passcode. She asked him why pick someone ordinary like her instead of a supermodel with his billionaire lifestyle. H thought her honesty & openness refreshing, with her informing him sex is off the table on their date since he ended up buying her expensive dress & shoes for their posh dining he insisted on & she didn't want to feel like she was paying him back with sex. She agreed to go to another date with him the next day, with him informing her that he's not buying her clothes & shoes coz he plans on getting her to have sex with him. He took her to a baseball game & she shared her issues with her father who lives with her & used to be a SFPD cop but started taking money from the mob to help pay for her mom's cancer txt & he was fired b/c of it & still lost her mom. He understood due to his alcoholic mom & him having to take care of her & his younger sis. He hugged her when she cried, which was unusual for her. So she tells him he's a good guy but he told her that he's not & warned her he's a ruthless guy. 

When she goes home with him, she knew it wasn't just for dinner & knew it was a temporary affair since she knows he's only visiting SF & she's not his usual woman but would take advantage of this Cinderella-type experience with someone so hot & cosmopolitan like him temporarily interested in someone ordinary like her. She didn't know what to do after dinner since H was just watching the news & not really engaging with her so she told him she's just gonna go home. He responded instead with asking her if she wanted to make love or be f**ed & proceeded to detail what he would do if she chose either. She chose the latter & then he had her strip & they hotly smexxed with a little spanking. She was about to leave to go back to work but he asked if he could sext her & she said ok. 

The next 3 weeks they continue their affair & their connection deepens as they go to fancy & casual restaurants & just hang out. But h finally asked the question about when he was leaving & H just said if they could just enjoy what they have like they were. She said that she knows that it's temporary but she didn't want to get into deep with him & he said he already was & that he was in love with her. She yelled at him that he can't do that coz he's leaving & realized she was already in love with him & didn't like to see him with the sad look he gets sometimes. She told him she needed some time to think about it all &, when she got home to her shared apt with her distant dad after 3 weeks of at H's, she realized that she was gonna ask H to take her with him. But when she got to his house, he was gone with no trace of him or the stuff she left with the whole house cleaned & the cops there with a very irate owner who had no clue who H was & had his safe cleaned out & wanted to press charges for dismantling his alarm 3 weeks ago. She was completely shattered that H lied to her & their 3-week affair was a charade. She got suspended from her job but she quit instead. 

With her dad's suggestion, she intended to hurt him like he hurt her & started tracking him down via the credit card used for the clothes he bought her & his leased office. She went to his office & was given a letter by a temp employee from H, apologizing for hurting her & that the house owner was not a nice guy & that if she didn't get her job back that he would make some financial reparations for her & that he deliberately left the receipt on the clothes back for her to track his office down but that was the end of his trail. She read it a few times & later got mad at his condescension & now more intent on finding him with the help of her dad. She barges in to the houseowner's house & demands some answers, making a deal for 25% for finding whoever stole the drugs from his safe. H couldn't believe his tracker lost her & that she found his sister at his well-secured farm & is now with her. He quickly went to his sister who h now knows is the reason why H stole what was in the safe—the only photo of him at his sister's wedding that terrorists & villains world-wide are vying for as their 1st sight of mysterious contract-agent H with his multiple aliases. And also to keep his sister safe from her abusive husband, the houseowner. He & h had it out with how H duped her & H welcomed her to have angry sex with him & repeatedly telling her he loved her. They hotly smexxed bareback with H hoping she'd get pregnant coz he never wants to let her go now that she knows all about him. He also told her that he realized that letting her go was a mistake & he already planned on getting her back once everything died down but she got to him 1st & he told her he'll never underestimate her again & knew he had to work to get her to trust him again. 

They setup H's sister's ex-husband & his villainy lawyer dad to go to prison but his sister's ex got shot for trying to attack his sister. She was there for it all & was not turned off by the dark side of H's world, which made H feel really loved. 2 weeks of hot smexxing & ILYs, H surprised h with a wedding at the farm with dress & shoes & with her dad there. HEA.

* 159 pgs 
* good tight writing & great pacing
* good emotionality & romance with some angst/poignancy 
* good action-suspense & likable characters
* really liked h's openness & plain-speaking & telling H she's not into games & even feeling awkward at knowing what to do next since she doesn't date very much & not used to someone of H's calibre
* likec that h is sure about who she is & ok with that & grateful for experiences outside of her norm without letting it fool her into thinking it's gonna change or chase her
* liked H's quiet suave mystery with his sometimes jovial & casual & underlying alpha demanding-ness
* good character development, especially h who became tough & determined with a no-nonsense approach to being intimidated or scammed (i.e. houseowner lowering her fee % from 25% to 20% for finding H) & used her dad's bad-cop rep & his mafia connections to threaten back with her mad but calm vengeful streak against H totally duping her & insulting her with his condescending letter
* loved how OTT devoted possessive claimy H was over h
* although it's good that H & his ex-lover are just now really good friends & business partners, I didn't like that H wanted more in their sex affair than ex-lover was willing to give so they had to end it but very minor point & ex-lover & h teamed up as badass fighters & to shut down H's arrogance

BLOG REVIEW: Her Bestie's Older Brother by Kate Gilead


21yo recent-college-dropout-due-to-finances heroine (h) planned on asking her best friend's (BFF's) 38yo brother, construction-owner Hero (H), for a job at his company but decided not to, after their hot 1st kiss at his parents' patio. She's had a long crush on him & even chose her ex-BF coz he looked like H

The last time she saw H was 3 years ago & thought the attraction was only 1-sided. But now he's clearly flirting back with her & kissed her but they were interrupted by the party people going outside too. She thought he left since his car was no longer at his parents' driveway by morning & tried to not be too disappointed at H's fleeting interest in her. But he was back in a few minutes & sweetly but hotly kissed her to continue where they left off last night. He told her how beautiful she's become & how strongly she impacts him. She awkwardly let him know that she's thought he was hot for years & they made out again with H touching her breasts but had to move away, when they heard his sister approaching. When her sister told him re: h's interest in getting a job at his company, she saw his eyes look hurt & harden & tried to explain that her interest in him had nothing to do with her getting a job with him but he became very distant & told her to send her resume to him & then just left. She couldn't call him to explain yet since she promised to go shopping with his sister. 

After he picks them up from their car accident & before h was about to leave his sister's house for her apt, she finally braved telling H in front of his sister that she didn't want him to think that she was only glad to see him last night coz she needed a better job & briefly told him about quitting school due to lack of finances. H was concerned about her quitting school & believed her story so told her to give him her phone # so they can talk more that week. Yet he still had a reserved look & didn't call or text her for days. By Friday night, h got depressed at his lack of contact & thought he must still think she's a gold-digger & has lost interest in her. On her way back home with wine she bought from nearby store, he came by to see her. He apologized for not calling her but that he wanted to talk to her in person, when she asked him why he didn't call. They talked about how long they've liked each other, with H confessing that he was glad she moved away when she was 18 coz she would've been too much of a temptation for him. They hotly smex bareback with no sexual-history/safety discussion. Then, H discussed why it took him awhile to contact h, needing the time to sort the change in their r/s from friends to lovers. She clarifies about her financial situation & changing her mind about working for H once they kissed. H offered her his asst job & that it'll be hard work. He also told her to shared their r/s news to their parents coz he didn't want to sneak around but h wanted to wait since it's new so H understood & said they'll keep it private for a month & her working with him will ease their romance news esp to her parents. They spend the night talking about their interests with H asking her about her beliefs about things & her thoughtful answers seem to please him. 

In next month, they get busy working together while practically living together. She's more exhausted & its her BFF that figured out she's likely pregnant. The pregnancy tests confirms it with h in shock since she was taking birth control but not during the 1st weekend they smexxed. H was quite when they told him &, at his sister's encouragement, told H that he's been in love with her for years but thought it could never be so never showed it or pursued her. She told him she loved him back with his sister very happy about their relationship, having known for years that both were in love with each other but didn't know it about the other. They told their shocked parents with H informing them that he loved h & was happy to have a family soon. Epilogue...8 months later, they're living together with their wedding 3 months after baby's born & h with 1 more semester of college left. H&h get it on constantly with always horny preggo h. 3 days later, she gives birth to a boy. HEA.

* 92 pgs
* good solid romance writing
* average emotionality
* average-good S chem & sorta explicit S scenes with romance
* good romance development with focus on how their romance stabilized their 1st few weeks of being together & working together
* likable characters with h portrayed as younger yet willing to learn & grow & be a partner to H
* liked responsible & honorable & mature H who was considerate with her feelings & introspective & open at discussing his feelings & opinions to h yet can be playful & sexy alpha too with his getting turned on when h called him “daddy” & some dirty talk
* liked H's sister/h's BFF too in her positive & encouraging peppy attitude & support of their romance
* liked how their parents were brought into the story w/o distracting from their romance
* sweet developing romance
* h had 1 lover/BF before H. H sexual history consisted of some casual dates & 1 single-mom GF, which didn't work out before his romance with h.

BLOG REVIEW: American Gangster by Tiffany Lordes (aka Jordan Silver)


22yo wanna-be artist heroine (h) gets abducted by the stepbrother she doesn't recognized (or seem to have any knowledge of), 25yo Alaskan drug-dealer Hero (H), after he shoots the gangster guy (OM) she was forced to sleep with the last 2 weeks due to her debt to him. H rapes h including anally & also with a gun and she seemed to get into it soon enough. He threatens to kill her if she tells. He takes her back with him to his remote house in Alaska. He smexxes her with a flashlight & anally and she verbalizes how much she wants him. He videotapes all of it with intent to send it to his rejecting dad who made him & his now-deceased mom leave their mansion when he was 10 due to replacing them with his new young wife & her 7yo daughter h. At the end of their bareback smexxing, he tells her that he's her stopbrother. The end.  

* 44 pages
* not romantic at all. No love or feel-good emotions. Too dark with no-HEA ending. 
* didn't like that h was a druggie & used to being a sex toy for men.
* overall good writing with some spelling mistakes
* H a usual dark villainy Jordan Silver hero but no redemption or love for h or character change at the end. H was merely obsessed with h in a cruel & cold & non-romantic way. He viewed her more as a convenient sex toy & revenge trophy against his rejecting dad & his stepmom (her mom).
* H had no compassion or sympathy for any pain & humiliation he put h through sexually & was actually cocky about h's sexual response to his rough ministrations. 
* lacked S chem coz only got H's POV 
* explicit Sex scenes in a rape-y, vengeful & degrading way...He used a flashlight & his pistol to vaginally make her orgasm. At his 1st time smexxing her, he penetrated her vaginally 1st, then anal, and then made her oral him to his orgasm. The only good thing I could say about it is that, at least, he douched her vaginally & anally before raping her to clean OM's stuff from her. He must be an expert doucher coz he's a big douche himself :( 
* I'm a Jordan Silver fan but I'm staying away from her "Tiffany Lordes" books