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22yo unemployed grad student heroine (h) enters a bachelor-type TV show, when she finds out that the show's bachelor is her 4-year-crush, late-20s/early-30s billionaire software-creator Hero (H). He was a guest lecturer at her high-school senior class & made her feel special by his thoughtful reply to her class questions. She's a quiet wallflower who's used to being overlooked. She's also motivated to join the bachelor show coz she'll get paid for being a participant up to $300k if she's the final pick & get free housing the next 6 weeks while being on TV, after recently losing her apt & moving back in with her parents 2 months ago due to her low funds & being unemployed for the past 8 months. She excitedly signed all proper documents including the marriage certificate for the show's required ending in case she gets picked but believed she wouldn't be. H is doing the show primarily for fun & possibly finding someone he'll get along with well enough to marry & settled down to please his mom. What neither of them knew was that the TV-show's producer picked h as a surprise fluke to put some desired tv-tension among the group of 6 psychologist-approved participants who seemed to match H's tall-&-sexy-blonde type & his sophisticated wealthy lifestyle. 

When h found out on her 1st day at the bachelor house that she was handpicked to be the oddball of the group, she pushed through her insecurities & stayed for the money & adventure of being part of a reality-TV show. He wasn't that impressed with h's looks and bothered by her quiet & standoffish nature, when compared to the OW (other women) who were sexy & obviously into him. On the 1st night at the house, they had a nice moment alone together when they both happened to go to the kitchen to get something to eat. They discussed the book he was reading that was 1 of her faves & had a stimulating conversation. She realized he wasn't as shallow as he seemed to be earlier that day & thought ,at least, she'll get some intellectual conversation from him during their 2 weeks there. But it quickly deflated the next morning at finding H making out with a blonde OW1 he found the sexiest of the 7. It confirmed to her that it was likely all just a game for H & her presence was only as a sideline to make the OW look better on TV. H took OW1 to his bathroom where there were no cameras & smexxed her with a condom, although aware of her siliconed breasts & her bored-sex face that she masked later. But since she was hot to look at & he hadn't had sex in awhile, she turned him on to quickly O. OW1 was upset & then quickly masked it, when H told her that he hadn't decided to choose her as his wife yet since there were 6 OW to choose from since she insisted that H was for sure going to pick her. 

Seeing H ignore the OW1 he just had sex with that morning to flirt & makeout with 2-3 more OW the next 10 days made h feel disappointed with herself to expect H to be different than other guys & acted like a shallow womanizing jerk. She was also feeling a little bad for not returning her nice & considerate cameraman's attraction but appreciated his friendship. H was feeling bored with the ditzy women he'd been spending time with the last 2 weeks. He'd end up making out with them just to make them stop talking about nonsensical things. He was now longing for some intellectual challenge, which finally reminded him of quiet & "mousy" h who he'd forgotten about since their book discussion that 1st night. He was surprised at how good she looked after her makeover so he requested to go on the 1-on-1 date with her 1st. He was curious as to why she'd been so standoffish with him & kept to herself the last 2 weeks. She frankly told him that he disappointed her for acting like a shallow & cruel frat boy playing games with OW & she's not impressed with him any longer.
She told him about being impressive with him at her high school 4 years ago & their book discussion 2 weeks ago. She told him she'd rather go back to the house than continue spending anymore time with him & left their date, despite his protests of spending more time with her. H realized he liked her coz she's not ditzy & shallow like the others & he wanted to clear her misunderstanding of his character

Her accusations did make him start thinking about how he'd been acting the last 2 weeks. It made him wonder if it's her disinterest in him that's making her more appealing to him now than the 6 OW around him. And seeing her smile often with her touchy cameraman made him feel jealous. So, he stalked his claim on her 1 drunken party & carried her to his room & then kissed her. She asked to smex him & they hotly did bareback-due-to-forgetting. Kissing her made H feel things he's never felt before with any OW. But she snuck out of his room the next morning & was videotaped doing her walk of shame to her room with OW1 egging her on about how great of a lover H was. H kissed her at the pool & she tried to wall him off coz she was done with his game-playing since she knew he was going on planned dates with 3 more OW. H told her that he was serious about her & not gonna let her turn her back from what they did last night & he wanted to explore their new relationship. H felt that h was someone he really wanted his mom to meet & there's no OW he'd ever felt that way before. His dates with OW showed him how shallow they were & that he wanted love in his marriage & not just stability or companionship. He knew it was h he wanted more. 

They hotly smexxed the whole afternoon in his room, after she injured her knees from falling. But his producer knocked on his door & told him they're making h leave for breaking the rules when she got her makeover for making a phone call to her sister using her cameraman's phone. H demanded h not get kicked out or else he quits the show too. They agreed to get votes from the 6 OW & she was voted to stay. But when h told him again taht she didn't want to play the bachelor-game anymore since H was still to got on more dates, H told her that they should've just let her leave the show instead & then he left her room. H now vacillating re: if h was really the 1 for him since he was tempted by some feature of whichever OW he was dating. He kissed 3 more OW so he can seriously consider all of them & see if h is really the 1 for him. 

He took a day off the shoot & went to see his mom to ask her how she knew she was in love with him confessing that there's more than 1 woman he was considering. The day of choosing he picked h but the producer interrupted with her stolen pregnancy stick to announce that H will be the father. H punched him & then took off with her. Epilogue..H&h got married in Maldives with family & only 1 cameraman. Their daughter was born & H seemed happy with his choice of h as his wife. The end.

* good overall writing & pacing
* didn't like that H was unsure of h up til the end coz tempted by sexier OW
* hated that H had to make a choice to sacrifice sexiness & temptation with intellectual stimulation & non-money-focused character coz made h seem like the 2nd-best option at times
* hated that H forgot about h including her name on his 1st 2 weeks there while he was making out &/or flirting with the 6 OW & had sex with 1 of them on the 2nd day after his nice talk with h just the night before
* hated how shallow & easily-tempted H was 
* loved that she directly confronted H on his shallowness on their 1-on-1 date & left him despite his protests of wanting to get to know her, liked that H really cherished his immigrant-German mom who sacrificed & worked many jobs to help him have a good life & who wanted him to settle down with a wife & kids
* at first liked opinionated but shy & quiet h who had a positive attitude but yet realistic also but she regressed later
* hated that h regressed a bit from being this strong & quietly confrontive person to being weak with seductive H & a doormat who let H go on dates & kissed the OW while she moped around at the house passively about how they were on a dating show so ok for H to sample OW so he can be really sure who he wants...ugh!
* inconsistent S chem coz H flirted & kissed OW & forgot h but then would get all turned on by her WHEN he'd actually remembered her
* explicit Sex scenes
* h dumb for smexxing with H with no condom & no talk of sexual safety esp when she knew that he smexxed OW1 just 2 weeks earlier
* some angst from H forgetting about h the 1st 2 weeks to makeout with OW & only to remember her when he got bored with the shallowness of OW & then wanted to spend time getting to know her now so treating her like she's 2nd choice after he got bored with 1st choice 
* un-likely HEA coz he'll likely be tempted by some sexy blonde hottie years down the line when his marriage to h becomes stable/boring/predictable
*overall weak romance but somewhat good emo...I'm done with this author!...for now ;)

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