BLOG REVIEW: He's No Saint by A.J. Harmon


24yo novice nun h (heroine) resisted her forbidden attraction to her new nunnery's priest, attractive early-30s H (Hero). H was captivated by her the 1st moment he saw her & heard her voice. He's obsessed with her & secretly watches her around the rectory. He's been struggling with celibacy since the 1st prostitute oraled him as payment for helping her with her problems 8 years ago. He finally cut ties with his 3rd regular prostitute a week or so ago at the insistence of his priest mentor. Saving h from being abducted by a vagrant created a primal need in H to protect her. And seeing his bruised & bloodied hands from hitting the vagrant who attacked her filled h with some strong feelings that made her touch them. It scared her to be so attracted to h & tried to hide it but her mentor nun normalized it & asked her to reconsider her motives for being a nun (i.e, escaping from grief of her dad dying at age 12 & her mom abandoning her for dating) & be open to other options. She purposedly said goodbye to her dad & forgave her mom & wrote her a letter to see each other & avoided H as much as she could. However, their hands accidentally touched when they were gardening together & they both froze with mutual desire, which was seen by the prostitute (OW) who H recently quit going to for a BJ. H&h continue working on the garden together daily, talking about various topics & both conscious about their unmentioned chemistry. 

H was shocked when h's mentor nun 1 day informed him that h had decided to no longer be a nun. He realized that he was in love with her & has had sexual dreams about her nightly, despite that he's only ever seen the skin of her face & hands. He's also continued to be tormented by the trauma of his deceased fiance who's killer was never caught. He was distressed when he found out h had already left. But her nun mentor recognized their mutual chemistry & H confessed his lvoe for her. She told him to give her time & space to adjust to her new life before she'll give him her address. He rescued OW from being injured by her rough customer, letting the nuns house her & give her a job as a housekeeper of sorts. Months later, H still misses h & not tempted to give in to constant sexual offer of OW. 11 months later, h still getting used to life as a single woman with her retail work & own apartment but still can't get over H. 

When H's priest mentor died, she goes back for his funeral. He asks her to go to coffee with him & he tells her he misses her but she tells him there's no point to any r/s between them since he's still a priest & she was about to go but he blurts his ILY & didn't want to let her go. They go to her apt & catch up on each other's lives the past year. He asked her why she left & it's because she had feelings for him & realized that she wanted more than a nun's life. She told him they can't be together though coz he's still priest. He told her that she's worth fighting for & will prove it to her. He sent her flowers & visited her the next week & kissed her. OW followed him to h's apt & asked him out but he told her there can be nothing between them anymore & blamed H for why they can't be together. H&h called each other during the next week & she invited him to dinner. They kissed but h said they can't continue coz he's still a priest while H tells her its ok coz they love each other. He leaves but considers leaving the priesthood. However, OW's seductions & the sudden reappearance of his ex-con friend who went to jail for stealing the car with him when they were 17 interferes with his plans to be with h. He beat up his friend & call the cops on him, when he found his dead fiance's necklace on him & his friend confessed to raping & killing her 10 years ago out of jealousy & revenge against H. He goes to h's apt & tells her everything in his grief. She comforts him & they kiss & he helps her O with their clothes on. As much as she loves him, she's decided to end their r/s due to his being a priest. H doesn't tell her yet but he call the church bishop to quit the priesthood that day. They go out to dinner that night with h intent to break it off with him but H announced his quitting the priest & his ILY. So, they ILYed & finally smexxed at her apt, not knowing that OW is enraged at h being with H. 

The next day OW abducts h & H frantic but later able to find h & cops got OW. She's hospitalized for her head injury & wants nothing to do with H, since OW told him about their past r/s. H is pleading with h to forgive him of his past but she wants nothing to do with him. He promised to never let give up & will prove his loyalty & trustworthiness with h their whole life together. For next month, he writes her a letter everyday, telling her he' sorry & loves her & won't ever give her up. During OW's trial, H got h alone in private & confessed all re: his 2x weekly paid Bjs from OW & she's hurt. She goes to her hotel room & starts reading all 90+ letters her sent her. She decides to forgive him coz he showed in his letter that he's changed from being a selfish man to 1 who's changing for her. They say their ILYs & hotly smex a couple times. After OW's guilty verdict, H&h relieved then H kneels in front of h & proposes marriage with a ring. OW enraged & grabs an officer's gun & shoots H to death. She was also shot. Epilogue...1 yr later, h visits H's grave with their baby boy with memories of their love. The end.

*190 pgs
*good writing/pacing
*good sexual & emotional tension with some angst-poignancy
*sweet romance development & liked how clear to both H&h that they loved each other early on & answer to being together was to quit their religious orders
*likable h for her quiet simplicity & ability to move on & survive despite the hurt
*H was a self-absorbed spoiled man who became a priest to escape hardship & not really b/c he wanted to serve God & help people
*his 8-years of secret 2x-weekly sexual rendezvous with prostitutes who go to his church show that he only viewed being a priest as a job instead of as a calling or vocation & showed his lack of self-control & using women as objects which is hypocritical of his job
*liked that H eventually changed due to h's disgust at his using women only for his sexual pleasure while he was a priest
*hated that gets H killed off when they were FINALLY on their road to their HEA(happily ever after)!
*h had sex 2x (1 @ 14 & 1 @ 16) but unimpressed by it so saw no problems with celibacy as nun since didn't see the need for a man in her life & she didn't want to move with her remarried mom & she had no other life goals & liked helping people
*H loved sex since 1st time he tried it in college & manwhored himself until his fiance's murder made him become a priest & sex abstinence has been very hard for him so contracted weekly blow jobs with prostitutes willing to be discreet
*liked that H celibate since 1 week before meeting h & rejected OW's sexual offers could only wanted h
*hot S scenes but not too detailed & consummation happened after 50%
*good overall writing & was a 4-star by 90% but then H dies at the end...grrrrrrrr. What use were the 2 epilogues with h with their baby son 1 year later & then 20+ years later with h dying & still in love with H if H is dead?!!!!!!! I need my HEA!!!!!  

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