BLOG REVIEW: Getting Lucky by Sean Moriarty


18yo sheltered virgin heroine (h) is relieved to be freed from the clutches of her controlling mob-stepfather & stepbro by 28yo hitman, ex-Army Ranger H, who shot them in their beds that night. He was shocked to be shot at by his slimy & sadistic mob cohort (OM) who turned on him when he was getting h out of the house. But her reaction to seeing OM aim his gun at him saved H. H takes her with him to his safe house while awaiting word & his getaway plans from his trusted connections while trying to figure out why his mob boss wanted to kill him & abduct h. H steels himself from h trying to get close to him & following him around constantly at his safe house for next few days while waiting for his contacts. He shows her how to shoot a gun coz by this time H accepts that h truly wants to be with him, including helping him get the bad guys. 

H shoots down some bad guys with his friend while h acted as  the alley-lookout who ended up shooting the sadistic guy who almost-raped her & who shot H. When they get back home, h knew that she wanted to be part of H's life long-term & that she was in love with him & they finally hotly smex with H confessing his ILY (I love you) to h after, which appalled him that he just blurted it out to her. When his mob boss wanted h in exchange for H's freedom, H said no. H later asked h to consider a future with him, knowing that they may always be on the run & the dark life he leads. She already wanted to answer him but he wanted her to take her time to think about. H almost dies at the shootout with the mob boss & his henchmen but h & H's friend able to get H medical help in time. Epilogue...4yrs later, they moved to the beach with their daughter & both happy & H more at peace & h with another baby on the way & still carrying a gun. HEA.

*166 pgs
*cute romance with some explicit Sex scenes
*average S chemisty, emotionality, & pacing
*overall good-enough writing that sometimes seemed simplistic & brought light-heartedness to the dark assassin-hitman-murder-in-cold-blood plot due to sometimes cute & playful bantering betweeen H&h as well as h's following H around everywhere due to feeling scared from murder & almost-rape trauma & partly from ensuring H doesn't leave her
*H&h's dialogue more like college-aged people
*liked non-squeamish & tough-inside but quite & patient & watchful h who's sneakily trying to seduce H by always sitting/sleeping closer to him,
*liked h's straightforwardness & non-game-playing in voluntarily confessing it to him to get his reaction
*liked hardened & jaded H who doesn't know what to do with unpredictable h & their unpredictable companionship
*liked that H has limits to who he kills (no kids, no raping) & tortures (not for pleasure but for info)
*funny moments like when H & the guy he was about to torture for info stared at h like she was crazy when she was asking how they were gonna torture the guy if like in the movies & made the guy fess up ASAP when she told him they could just whack off his balls
*liked how h quickly adapted from being sheltered & docile to being a gun-shooting hitman apprentice
*not dark & more action-filled with some funny moments due to quirky h & not-so-bad hitman H

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