BLOG REVIEW: Feral by Jenika Snow


Loner (early 20s?) grocery-store clerk heroine (h) finally had the guts to say something to her crush, quietly brooding ex-Marine mountain-man recluse, mid-late 30s? Hero (H), at 1 of his monthly visits to the grocery store from his mountain cabin. She wanted him to know that there were people like her that didn't judge him like most people in town was, esp since she understood what it was like to be alone in the world. She had no clue that H's monthly visit to the grocery store was to surreptitiously see her since he'd been obsessed with her for years but thought her too young & him too messed up to be together. His seeing her 1x a month brought the only light in his cold lonely life the last few years & he's limiting himself to seeing her only 1x due to his growing obsession of claiming her as his. So, it was a shock to see find her injured from hitting her head from tripping over something near his cabin. She determined to go visit H to get to know him 1 week after seeing him at the grocery store, unwilling to wait weeks to see him again. 

Now that she's in his turf H is determined to keep her there with him. When she awoke, he asked her why she was up there & she honestly told him her reasons. He was upset that she went up there by herself coz he would've been devastated if she was attacked by predators if he had gone out hunting. So she felt really dumb but glad that nothing did happen to her. She fell asleep & H amazed at her courage to come to see him coz she wanted to be with him. He wanted to tell her who he was (i.e., he's killed people, blamed himself for not being there for his bro thru his drug use that eventually killed him) so she can make an informed choice whether she still wanted him after. When he did, she accepted him. He made it clear that he was not a light kind of person & wanted her with him forever. She was fine with it & told him that she was a virgin, which made him even more possessive & claimy with her. He let her know that he hadn't been with any OW for years since he 1st saw her & insta-wanted her. But now that he's going to have her to expect a pounding & relentless kind of smexxing with him. They hotly smexxed bareback. Epilogue1...1 yr later, they're married & h 5 mos preggo. H & h fine with their reclusive lifestyle in the mountains. Epilogue2...7-8mos later, they go into town with their 3mo baby son & people are staring at them, shocked that she's with H & with their baby. It let her know that she's become more like H, uncaring what others think & fine with their different lifestyle. H is building a cabin extension for their growing family. H&h still ravish each other with their hot pounding smexxing. HEA.

*71 pgs
*average S chem coz mostly hidden attraction
*good explicit Sex with emotions/romance with minor spanking
*not much info re: romance development—only that they've secretly wanted each other for years (no idea how many years coz not stated) since H 1st saw h in town after he came to settle there from the military & after his bro's death & not stated how many years h been attracted to H but she sounds much younger than H based on little info about her stats 
*loved that H celibate for years (10+ years) since he'd become a mountain hermit so part of celibacy due to his reclusive lifestyle & partly due to h since only wanting to be with her @ 1st sight
*loved H's OTT alpha-demanding possessive-protective claimy "mine" attitude towards h & his devotion to her
*their sexual & emotional tension & sex life obvious & strong but lacking in characterization
*wish we knew more about their individual lives like their hobbies & interests (we only know that H likes to hunt & likes to read & that h likes to read & both like to have sex with each other) & bit more background so their characters aren't so mysterious
*char development is hard to say due to lack of char info except that h gravitated towards H's reclusive & non-people-pleasing ways
*liked the uniqueness of their alternative off-the-grid reclusive non-materialistic mountain life that sustains them despite only getting money from H's monthly military disability check (no details re: what H's disability is coz he seemed fine physically)
*good writing overall but lacked character details/development

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