BLOG REVIEW: Snowed in With the Bad Boy by Sylvia Pierce



Chatty 25yo website-designer heroine (h) crashes her car on a snowy bank on Christmas Eve near the Colorado cabin of 6-months-retired Special Ops, loner 34yo Hero (H). She knocks on his door to get help with her car so she can surprise her family for Christmas, esp after 4 years of not being able to spend Christmas with them. She gets upset with his caustic & gruff attitude so she left, after he criticized her for driving in such snowy mountain weather. He knew she was the one for him with her redheaded good looks & feisty cute character & went after her. Her car is unfixable so H offers her shelter in his cabin in the meantime. She's confused at how gruff yet sweet he could be, with him going out in the snow to fetch her forgotten bags & making her Christmas dinner after she cried for missing her family's Christmas celebration. Esp due to his grinch-y Christmas sentiments earlier. 

She knows he's a bad boy & does something she never does, letting him know that she wants to get hot & dirty with him too & despite his warnings. He fingered her & then took turns oraling each other to O. But then H realized how bad that was of him to be with such a happy & good woman like h, when he's the opposite. He told her he had to go & just left his house. She was done with him being such a big grumpy jerk esp on Christmas. So, she got all her bags & went to her car to hopefully have her cell phone service back on again so she can call a tow truck. She promised herself last Christmas to live life to the fullest, after getting a 2nd chance at life after her major surgery & years of trying to survive in the hospital. With her cell phone still not working, she thought it was a good idea to walk the 3 miles to town on the snow-filled night. After some time, she didn't know where she was & realized that was a dumb idea. 45 mins after H left h inside his house to clear his head outside, he realized he over-reacted & that she wasn't angling for a marriage proposal & they could just have fun like they did. He went back inside his cabin to apologize to h but found out she's gone with everything of hers. Except for her little medicine bag, which he soon found out was full of different pills. He frantically looks for in the dead of winter in the isolated roads, realizing how big of a jerk she must think he is to risk her life with whatever her medical condition may be just to get away from him. 

He eventually found her & she lays it on him re: how mean & heartless he was & why was he like that. All he told her was that he had to do things to keep the world a safer place for her. She touched his face & told him she missed him & then was exhausted. He was lost at how much she impacted him & felt scared that he actually wanted to take care of her. The thought of losing her cracked his icy walls. When he got her warmed up at home, he apologized to her but she just watched him & then asked him which of the list of his offenses towards her was he apologizing for, including their sexual play. He told her their sexual play was mutual & bet her that he's going to do sexual things to her very soon. He oraled her to O a couple times before he was about to take off her shirt but she abruptly told him to stop. She told him about her congenital heart defect she'd struggled wit h since birth but it wasn't until last December hat she thought that she was done for, after she collapsed at work & flat-lined at the hospital 3 times. But she woke up later with a new & strong heart from a teenager that died from a skiing accident. She told H that he makes her feel sexy & strong & that he doesn't hold back with her so she didn't want him to change & think she's weak or can't handle his rough ways if he saw her chest scar. H told her to wear the scar between her breasts proudly since she's the strongest & most incredible woman he'd ever met. They both stripped naked & each saw each other's scars, with multiple ones of H from battles. He hotly & roughly smexxed her & made her feel strong. H took a chance the next morning & asked her to stay with him. She's about to leave to go to her family's cabin with H again insisting for her to stay with him. She told him how they could make it work since she lives in NYC & he's in CO & he said they'll figure it out somehow but that they're going to be together .Then, told her to get rid of her guy roommate. They're about to hotly smex with her elf costume on before she goes to her family. The end.

*103 pg novella
*good overall writing 
* 1-star off for lack of epilogue & leaving H&h' future together not definite due to their long-distance lives
*good pacing with lively banter & good Sexual chemistry
*h only had 1 BF/lover in college who she had comfortable sex with
*no details about H's sexual history except that he's never done commitments so very likely no past GF & just random hook-ups
*condoms used but not mentioned @ every sex scene
*likable chars with alpha demanding possessive-protective H  
*loved h's positive & courageous attitude to not be beaten down by her sickness or fear & choosing to live life with passion & joy & adventure
*believable rom/emo progression even though only within 1 day
*good emotionality with h's bravery to live life well now that she has a new heart & H struck by how great she is when he realized what she's gone through while he was being a grumpy survivor
*good explicit Sex scenes with emotions/romance
*ended too abruptly but wished their HEA was more definite 

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