BLOG REVIEW: Rough Billionaire by Sophie Sawyer

 SPOILER-y Plot:

18yo loner virgin heroine (h) just quit her needed job as a waitress due to her pervy boss. She's unable to find another job & is about to be evicted from her shabby NYC apartment in in 4 days. So, she answers the ad to be a live-in escort. But 29yo billionaire Hero (H) lets her go even though he was extremely attracted to her, after she told him how she'll never be like her mom who was physically abused by her dad that she committed suicide when h was 14. She emancipated herself @ 16 & left Arizona for NYC to be away from her abusive father. H feared of being like his possessive rageful & abusive dad who put his beloved mother in a wheelchair due to jealousy because H gets dark sexual thoughts re: choking/slapping/spanking/fisting & other rough sex

Heroine went back to her waitressing job after her 3-day eviction notice since she just used up all her money for a cab fare back from his place to her apartment. But she & her elderly neighbor had to stay out of their apt building for the night due to a gas leak so h went to Hero's penthouse to ask if he could house her elderly neighbor just for the night. He insisted she stay too, if he let her neighbor stay. When he found out where she lived & when he witnessed her slimy boss accost her, he demanded h stay with him as his roommate. She confronted him re: rejecting her for the live-in escort position & he warned her that she wouldn't like his reason. She insisted so he told her the truth, including his dark fantasies of what he wanted to do to her. He then told her to lock her door from him & left. However, she soon knocked on his door & told him his dark sex fantasies about her turned her on & wanted him to do them to her. He made sure she knew what she was getting into coz he didn't want to destroy someone sweet & virginal like her yet she consented. They hotly smexxed with him him only gentle with her at 1st thrust. She liked his rough handling. When she woke up later, he put 5 fingers & then his fist in her then anal-ed her roughly. Even though it hurt her, it still gave her pleasure. He later took her to see his mother on her farm in upstate NY & she told H that was her dream location. So, H said they'll buy some land there. Epilogue...@2-3 years later, they live in 100-ac near his mom's & they have a daughter & she's due to have a another baby & they're both happy & H more content with life. 

*overall good writing & pacing
*good emotionality
*romantic but romance development seemed too unrealistic with both declaring their love on the 4th day since they met (which was after 2nd time smexxing)
*good Sexual chemistry
*explicit Sex scenes with fisting/anal off-putting coz too much for a virgin's few hours of sex & hello! fisting...ouch
*liked that H repeatedly made sure h knew what she was going into with his sex kink
*liked H's alpha-demanding possessive-protectiveness with h  

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