BLOG REVIEW: Love Child by Kat Austen

Early-20s heroine (h) finalize her choice of 35yo Hero (H) as the father of the baby she wants to bear out of the Love Child company's list of eligible wealthy & discreet men who want to have a baby via sex with discreet eligible girls for good sum of money. She was also H's top choice of potential mother of his future baby from the file about her as well as his detailed private investigation of her life & seeing her the 1st time in person made it an absolute certainty for him. Hearing that she had 5 more men to pick from pushed him to do his best to convince her to only consider her including doubling the money involved. The money push upset her but his determination to be a great father to the baby he wants as well as his firmness in her as the mother of his baby confirmed her previous gut instinct to choose H. She agrees, even to H's sudden contract amendment to have her live with him instead of having her own place & to have her stay with their baby 6 months post-partum instead of 1 month. H knew h was the 1 for him so already planning on convincing her to stay his life forever & have all his babies. He also changed their sex time-frame to tomorrow instead of waiting 1 more month. 

He had her move in with him later that day & h super-excited to be with him that she ended up secretly self-pleasuring while watching him later that night doing tai chi outside. But he interrupted her orgasm progress & she ended up telling him she's a virgin to his surprise since she didn't disclose that on her file. What would've been a hot consensual smexxing that night from their great mutual sexual chemistry ended up being a date for tomorrow since H wanted the time to control himself with h so her 1st sex experience would be a gentle 1 since he was already very turned on that night, after their mutual confession of their attraction & why they picked each other for their baby-making & h's virginity. H uncharacteristically ended work early the next day eager to see h & they hotly smexxed bareback multiple times that weekend, taking steps to ensure her pregnancy. She asked him what he meant when he casually mentioned her being the mother of his next baby too & he told her he wants her to be the mother of all his children but he left the decision of how & why to her. It made h unsure of his emotional commitment to her. She wasn't sure if he was willing to commit to her or just their baby/babies. 

H had to go on a business trip the next 5 days. They called & texted each other but h wanted to inform him of her pregnancy news in person. But when she called his office to find out where H's hotel was in San Francisco(SF), she was told that he wasn't in SF as he told her. She called him to ask about his SF trip & he didn't correct her that he wasn't in SF as his secretary told h so she felt lied to & betrayed by H & now not sure about where she really stands in his life. H got frantic & cut off his meeting by 1 day, after being told by his housekeeper & secretary at h being upset with him & why. He rushed home to explain everything to her & hoped she hadn't left him. She was there & he ASAP apologized for not letting her know he had a change of trip location from SF & showed her where he went instead, after letting her know his ILY(I love you) & that he was a virgin too with her & how she is the only 1 for him forever as his wife & mother of his kids. He blindfolded her at his plane & surprised her with their new house next to her beloved family's farm, which will be their 2nd home whenever she wants to be near her mother & 6 sisters. Epilogue...9mos later, they have a son & are happy together & H can't wait to smex her again in 6 weeks but letting her know that her needs & son's needs comes 1st for him. HEA.

* good tight writing
* great insta-love romance with alpha demanding dirty-talking OTT possessive-protective claiming-“mine” H who wanted h from info about her & for sure after seeing her the 1st time & would stop at nothing to ensure that she knows she is his
* loved that hot attractive H stayed a virgin/ celibate for 35 years coz only wanted to be with a woman he was sure about while staying very busy with school & work & close family
* liked responsible & caring eldest daughter h who sacrificed her desires to take care of her mom & sisters & their farm after their died dad so reason why she signed up to be a baby-maker for Love Child company
* liked h's practicality & wisdom in knowing that she wanted to have a loving husband & kids & be a homemaker but her life esp with her family's finances & the men she'd met made her dream seem so distant so she challenged her dreams onto something practical that also served to solve her family's financial crisis
* h used her head & instincts to pick the right man to father a baby with, loved her innocence with practicality & knowledge in researching sex & pregnancy so she surprised H with her sauciness & sexiness when it came to smexxing
* like how h was an equal to H & balanced him in many ways
* loved how both were honest & straightforward about their doubts & wants & needs
* great explicit S with emotions/romance
* surprising character growth in a 90-page-novella where both H&h started out as cautious & disciplined people & let themselves be free & have fun together in their trust in each other so they let their wild & sexy impulsive sides come out when together, loved their shared interest & devotion to having a baby/family to raise in love

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