BLOG REVIEW: Weighting for Christmas by A.J. Harmon


29yo plus-sized payroll accountant h (heroine) finds going to the gym weekly the last 2 months not such as hardship as expected due to her encouraging trainer, hot & fit 30s H (Hero). Her critical & fit mom & sister gave her a gym membership for Christmas as 1 of their many ways of trying to “help” h lose weight. She stuck with the program H put her in with stable results, trusting him more when she found out that he was a chubby 250+lbs teen. But he unusually became closed off, when she told him that she's actually gonna meet up with a guy she met on an online dating site her mom gave her a membership to. The guy ends up being a jerk about her weight so she leaves but H intercepts her at the restaurant & they end up having a good time together. But she can't believe he'd be interested in her so she lumps him as just a friend. Another 2 months pass & she buys herself new clothes & feels great that she can now wear an XL. H thinks she's looks amazing & has a hot moment with her at the gym, touching her body & cataloguing how much stronger & firmer she is now. But then he switches back to professional & gets her all confused. 

She got drunk on her bday dinner with H & her family so he took her back to her apt. She thought he'd already left so she tried on the lingerie set her sister got her only to have H admiring her from behind. They hotly kissed but she drifted off to a drunken stupor & woke up with him next to her in bed. She didn't know how to ask him if they had sex or not but he made her breakfast & sweetly kissed her before his work appt. When she saw him at her workout session later, she asked whether they had sex or not & he said “no” coz she was unconscious but wanted a do-over tonight with no alcohol involved. He catalogues her body parts when he gets her stripped down, telling her what strength & beauty each one has including her pouchy tummy & how she enjoys food & doesn't starve herself with weird food hang-ups & maybe later be big with a baby. He tells her how she's the most stunning & very sexy woman he's ever met then he hotly smexxes her & then tells her that she's the woman he's been waiting for & he'll never let her go. He told her he began falling in love with her during her 1st week with him at the gym. She wakes up with epiphany that she wants to the the woman he needs her to be, which means that she must choose to be a better person for herself & not for him or anyone else. They announce their r/s to her family & they establish a routine of work & spending time together the next 3 months. He tells her his ILY & vice versa & he suggests that she work with him to open his own gym. He also asks her to move in with him. They have to continue staying at their jobs until the business loan approval & h not happy that H has to go to a sexy client's movie shoot for 3 weeks but for a good chunk of money. She soon finds out she's pregnant & later flies to H's location to surprise & tell him she's pregnant. But she catches him kissing his client inside her trailer so she flies back to her parents' house ASAP & ignores H's texts. He goes to her parents house & told her he quit & regretted letting money blind him & that he missed her. She told him to go back to his client & told him to leave. She tells him she'll see him when she's ready so 2 days later she confronts him about what she saw. He told her his client forced the kiss & he rejected her & quit right away. It solidified his feelings that h is the 1 for him & proposed to h with a ring. She later tells him she's pregnant & he's happy. They later opened their gym & planned their wedding. HEA.

*146 pgs
*gradual, untroubled & straightforward romance centered around h's life so book has a chick-lit feel 
*average romance & sexual chemistry
*meh pacing
*hot but short sex scenes with few explicit words & with romance
*1st 50% was more about h's view re: her body issues & her family's attitude about her weight & getting used to working our as well as gradual progression from trainer to friendship with H
*last 50% contains more of their romance progression & it's overall effects of h's body issues
*likable chars with sweet but hot devoted H who was encouraging about h's weight & helping her see herself as beautiful & strong & not focused on the #s
*predictable with sweet H & 60% focused on h's weight struggles

BLOG REVIEW: Rough Billionaire by Sophie Sawyer

 SPOILER-y Plot:

18yo loner virgin heroine (h) just quit her needed job as a waitress due to her pervy boss. She's unable to find another job & is about to be evicted from her shabby NYC apartment in in 4 days. So, she answers the ad to be a live-in escort. But 29yo billionaire Hero (H) lets her go even though he was extremely attracted to her, after she told him how she'll never be like her mom who was physically abused by her dad that she committed suicide when h was 14. She emancipated herself @ 16 & left Arizona for NYC to be away from her abusive father. H feared of being like his possessive rageful & abusive dad who put his beloved mother in a wheelchair due to jealousy because H gets dark sexual thoughts re: choking/slapping/spanking/fisting & other rough sex

Heroine went back to her waitressing job after her 3-day eviction notice since she just used up all her money for a cab fare back from his place to her apartment. But she & her elderly neighbor had to stay out of their apt building for the night due to a gas leak so h went to Hero's penthouse to ask if he could house her elderly neighbor just for the night. He insisted she stay too, if he let her neighbor stay. When he found out where she lived & when he witnessed her slimy boss accost her, he demanded h stay with him as his roommate. She confronted him re: rejecting her for the live-in escort position & he warned her that she wouldn't like his reason. She insisted so he told her the truth, including his dark fantasies of what he wanted to do to her. He then told her to lock her door from him & left. However, she soon knocked on his door & told him his dark sex fantasies about her turned her on & wanted him to do them to her. He made sure she knew what she was getting into coz he didn't want to destroy someone sweet & virginal like her yet she consented. They hotly smexxed with him him only gentle with her at 1st thrust. She liked his rough handling. When she woke up later, he put 5 fingers & then his fist in her then anal-ed her roughly. Even though it hurt her, it still gave her pleasure. He later took her to see his mother on her farm in upstate NY & she told H that was her dream location. So, H said they'll buy some land there. Epilogue...@2-3 years later, they live in 100-ac near his mom's & they have a daughter & she's due to have a another baby & they're both happy & H more content with life. 

*overall good writing & pacing
*good emotionality
*romantic but romance development seemed too unrealistic with both declaring their love on the 4th day since they met (which was after 2nd time smexxing)
*good Sexual chemistry
*explicit Sex scenes with fisting/anal off-putting coz too much for a virgin's few hours of sex & hello! fisting...ouch
*liked that H repeatedly made sure h knew what she was going into with his sex kink
*liked H's alpha-demanding possessive-protectiveness with h  

BLOG REVIEW: Snowed in With the Bad Boy by Sylvia Pierce



Chatty 25yo website-designer heroine (h) crashes her car on a snowy bank on Christmas Eve near the Colorado cabin of 6-months-retired Special Ops, loner 34yo Hero (H). She knocks on his door to get help with her car so she can surprise her family for Christmas, esp after 4 years of not being able to spend Christmas with them. She gets upset with his caustic & gruff attitude so she left, after he criticized her for driving in such snowy mountain weather. He knew she was the one for him with her redheaded good looks & feisty cute character & went after her. Her car is unfixable so H offers her shelter in his cabin in the meantime. She's confused at how gruff yet sweet he could be, with him going out in the snow to fetch her forgotten bags & making her Christmas dinner after she cried for missing her family's Christmas celebration. Esp due to his grinch-y Christmas sentiments earlier. 

She knows he's a bad boy & does something she never does, letting him know that she wants to get hot & dirty with him too & despite his warnings. He fingered her & then took turns oraling each other to O. But then H realized how bad that was of him to be with such a happy & good woman like h, when he's the opposite. He told her he had to go & just left his house. She was done with him being such a big grumpy jerk esp on Christmas. So, she got all her bags & went to her car to hopefully have her cell phone service back on again so she can call a tow truck. She promised herself last Christmas to live life to the fullest, after getting a 2nd chance at life after her major surgery & years of trying to survive in the hospital. With her cell phone still not working, she thought it was a good idea to walk the 3 miles to town on the snow-filled night. After some time, she didn't know where she was & realized that was a dumb idea. 45 mins after H left h inside his house to clear his head outside, he realized he over-reacted & that she wasn't angling for a marriage proposal & they could just have fun like they did. He went back inside his cabin to apologize to h but found out she's gone with everything of hers. Except for her little medicine bag, which he soon found out was full of different pills. He frantically looks for in the dead of winter in the isolated roads, realizing how big of a jerk she must think he is to risk her life with whatever her medical condition may be just to get away from him. 

He eventually found her & she lays it on him re: how mean & heartless he was & why was he like that. All he told her was that he had to do things to keep the world a safer place for her. She touched his face & told him she missed him & then was exhausted. He was lost at how much she impacted him & felt scared that he actually wanted to take care of her. The thought of losing her cracked his icy walls. When he got her warmed up at home, he apologized to her but she just watched him & then asked him which of the list of his offenses towards her was he apologizing for, including their sexual play. He told her their sexual play was mutual & bet her that he's going to do sexual things to her very soon. He oraled her to O a couple times before he was about to take off her shirt but she abruptly told him to stop. She told him about her congenital heart defect she'd struggled wit h since birth but it wasn't until last December hat she thought that she was done for, after she collapsed at work & flat-lined at the hospital 3 times. But she woke up later with a new & strong heart from a teenager that died from a skiing accident. She told H that he makes her feel sexy & strong & that he doesn't hold back with her so she didn't want him to change & think she's weak or can't handle his rough ways if he saw her chest scar. H told her to wear the scar between her breasts proudly since she's the strongest & most incredible woman he'd ever met. They both stripped naked & each saw each other's scars, with multiple ones of H from battles. He hotly & roughly smexxed her & made her feel strong. H took a chance the next morning & asked her to stay with him. She's about to leave to go to her family's cabin with H again insisting for her to stay with him. She told him how they could make it work since she lives in NYC & he's in CO & he said they'll figure it out somehow but that they're going to be together .Then, told her to get rid of her guy roommate. They're about to hotly smex with her elf costume on before she goes to her family. The end.

*103 pg novella
*good overall writing 
* 1-star off for lack of epilogue & leaving H&h' future together not definite due to their long-distance lives
*good pacing with lively banter & good Sexual chemistry
*h only had 1 BF/lover in college who she had comfortable sex with
*no details about H's sexual history except that he's never done commitments so very likely no past GF & just random hook-ups
*condoms used but not mentioned @ every sex scene
*likable chars with alpha demanding possessive-protective H  
*loved h's positive & courageous attitude to not be beaten down by her sickness or fear & choosing to live life with passion & joy & adventure
*believable rom/emo progression even though only within 1 day
*good emotionality with h's bravery to live life well now that she has a new heart & H struck by how great she is when he realized what she's gone through while he was being a grumpy survivor
*good explicit Sex scenes with emotions/romance
*ended too abruptly but wished their HEA was more definite 

BLOG REVIEW: Charming: A Cinderella Billionaire Story by Sophie Brooks

Very SPOILER-y Plot:

23yo phone-sex operator heroine (h) looks forward to her regular customer of the last 6 weeks, sharp & friendly 31yo Hero (H), who only ever wants to just talk for “real” & always bypasses any of the 9 role-play options usual phone customers pick from for h to reenact with them on the phone. He asked her for her personal phone # & whether she lived with a husband or BF & h was tempted by their mutual attraction but she didn't want to break the  job rules. She values her 3-month-old phone sex job coz it earns her more money than her waitressing job, which she both direly needs to support her & her 16yo sister since their mom got sick at h's senior high school year & soon died when h was 19. She channels her high-school drama club experiences to help her do her phone-fantasy role plays while she knitted hats & scarves. 

H was able to hone in on her unknown interest in the Submissive role & asked her to change into something sexy, which she did with her only sexy lingerie she bought 3 months ago when she thought she needed it to get into her phone-sex job. But in middle of sexy discussion about it with H, she hears a man break into her small rundown apt & H tells her to hide in the closet while he calls 911. She hesitates to give him her address but eventually did trusting him & terrified at the men now in her apt. H rushes over to h with his bodyguard-PI driver, already knowing where she lived before she gave him her address b/c he had his PI-bodyguard get her basic info & her photo which he had stored on his phone. The men left before the police got there. She throws herself at H's arms, when she recognized his voice. She was reluctant to stay at the Plaza hotel with her sister but H insisted due to her & her sister's safety. 

She finds out that H had her apt door fixed with a heavy-duty safe door & got her a job interview for a voice-recording media company, camping out at the diner where she waitresses until she agreed to go to the interview. They go on a few dates, getting to know each other more & H showing his interest in her life & h wondering why he would be so interested in someone with no college education & poor & a phone-sex operator like her. When she finds out he's full name & that he's the company's CEO, she freaks out coz her dad is in prison for stealing from H's company when H's dad was the CEO & keeps it a secret from him & her sister. She still doesn't inform him of it when he confessed to being the owner of her phone-sex company & thus her boss, after he finally convinced her to quit her sex phone-operator job. He told her that it was her kind nature that got him very interested in her, when he was told by h's phone-sex supervisor how she helped a customer with his personal problems & basically saved his life with her insight into why he was so quick to try to get off with their phone sex talk. It's why he began calling her pretending to be her customer but used it to get to know her. H felt betrayed & didn't contact h for a week, after it was leaked in the media re: her father stealing from H's company. She eventually storms into his penthouse with help of his bodyguard & gets him to listen to her explain & asks for understanding & forgiveness just like he did with her re: his big secret about being her phone-sex operator boss. They forgave & said their ILY(I love you)s. Epilogue...1 yr later, H proposed to h during her sister's high-school musical. HEA.

*overall good writing & average pacing
*big disappointment at lack of consummated Sex scene after all that hot explicit foreplay (oral/69, finger, touching) 
*h only had 1 BF& celibate for 3 years but H was a player & had some ex-GFs & some who were his subs but no major details about them
*H&h started doing some dom-sub roles but disappointing to not have a consummated S scene with it with all those hints & teases
*loved how obsessed & somewhat stalker-y H became with h & had her investigated to get her basic info & stored her photo on his phone which he'd keep looking at before they met
*liked H's alpha dominant-demanding protective ways with h but was not so openly possessive with her coz didn't want to scare her off. But did like his sneaky way of monopolizing all her phone time on the job @ $3.99/min so no OM gets to phone-sex with her again, once they met.
*likeable chars with good romance
*liked their progress in communicating more openly esp their big secrets
*overall sweet & somewhat-hot romance but wished for at least 1 full sex scene

BLOG REVIEW: Love Child by Kat Austen

Early-20s heroine (h) finalize her choice of 35yo Hero (H) as the father of the baby she wants to bear out of the Love Child company's list of eligible wealthy & discreet men who want to have a baby via sex with discreet eligible girls for good sum of money. She was also H's top choice of potential mother of his future baby from the file about her as well as his detailed private investigation of her life & seeing her the 1st time in person made it an absolute certainty for him. Hearing that she had 5 more men to pick from pushed him to do his best to convince her to only consider her including doubling the money involved. The money push upset her but his determination to be a great father to the baby he wants as well as his firmness in her as the mother of his baby confirmed her previous gut instinct to choose H. She agrees, even to H's sudden contract amendment to have her live with him instead of having her own place & to have her stay with their baby 6 months post-partum instead of 1 month. H knew h was the 1 for him so already planning on convincing her to stay his life forever & have all his babies. He also changed their sex time-frame to tomorrow instead of waiting 1 more month. 

He had her move in with him later that day & h super-excited to be with him that she ended up secretly self-pleasuring while watching him later that night doing tai chi outside. But he interrupted her orgasm progress & she ended up telling him she's a virgin to his surprise since she didn't disclose that on her file. What would've been a hot consensual smexxing that night from their great mutual sexual chemistry ended up being a date for tomorrow since H wanted the time to control himself with h so her 1st sex experience would be a gentle 1 since he was already very turned on that night, after their mutual confession of their attraction & why they picked each other for their baby-making & h's virginity. H uncharacteristically ended work early the next day eager to see h & they hotly smexxed bareback multiple times that weekend, taking steps to ensure her pregnancy. She asked him what he meant when he casually mentioned her being the mother of his next baby too & he told her he wants her to be the mother of all his children but he left the decision of how & why to her. It made h unsure of his emotional commitment to her. She wasn't sure if he was willing to commit to her or just their baby/babies. 

H had to go on a business trip the next 5 days. They called & texted each other but h wanted to inform him of her pregnancy news in person. But when she called his office to find out where H's hotel was in San Francisco(SF), she was told that he wasn't in SF as he told her. She called him to ask about his SF trip & he didn't correct her that he wasn't in SF as his secretary told h so she felt lied to & betrayed by H & now not sure about where she really stands in his life. H got frantic & cut off his meeting by 1 day, after being told by his housekeeper & secretary at h being upset with him & why. He rushed home to explain everything to her & hoped she hadn't left him. She was there & he ASAP apologized for not letting her know he had a change of trip location from SF & showed her where he went instead, after letting her know his ILY(I love you) & that he was a virgin too with her & how she is the only 1 for him forever as his wife & mother of his kids. He blindfolded her at his plane & surprised her with their new house next to her beloved family's farm, which will be their 2nd home whenever she wants to be near her mother & 6 sisters. Epilogue...9mos later, they have a son & are happy together & H can't wait to smex her again in 6 weeks but letting her know that her needs & son's needs comes 1st for him. HEA.

* good tight writing
* great insta-love romance with alpha demanding dirty-talking OTT possessive-protective claiming-“mine” H who wanted h from info about her & for sure after seeing her the 1st time & would stop at nothing to ensure that she knows she is his
* loved that hot attractive H stayed a virgin/ celibate for 35 years coz only wanted to be with a woman he was sure about while staying very busy with school & work & close family
* liked responsible & caring eldest daughter h who sacrificed her desires to take care of her mom & sisters & their farm after their died dad so reason why she signed up to be a baby-maker for Love Child company
* liked h's practicality & wisdom in knowing that she wanted to have a loving husband & kids & be a homemaker but her life esp with her family's finances & the men she'd met made her dream seem so distant so she challenged her dreams onto something practical that also served to solve her family's financial crisis
* h used her head & instincts to pick the right man to father a baby with, loved her innocence with practicality & knowledge in researching sex & pregnancy so she surprised H with her sauciness & sexiness when it came to smexxing
* like how h was an equal to H & balanced him in many ways
* loved how both were honest & straightforward about their doubts & wants & needs
* great explicit S with emotions/romance
* surprising character growth in a 90-page-novella where both H&h started out as cautious & disciplined people & let themselves be free & have fun together in their trust in each other so they let their wild & sexy impulsive sides come out when together, loved their shared interest & devotion to having a baby/family to raise in love