BLOG REVIEW: Seal by Carmen Faye

22yo recent college grad goes on a trip by herself for the 1st time ever in Hawaii
with a checklist of things she wanted to do in order to become less of a doormat & find out her possibilities as a person. She accidentally splashes her coffee at the airport on tall hottie Navy SEAL Lieutenant H,
who she was attracted to instantly since she saw him come out of the airplane
but thought she couldn't possibly attract. When she tries to clean his uniform off, she unconsciously rubbed on his privates & they struck a meaningful conversation since,
with Hero noting her interesting to-do list. 
Staying in the same floor at the same hotel clinches their inevitable powerful chemistry. 
But Hero ascertains first that heroine assents to his rules: 1-night-stand only and he doesn't do soft & gentle. 
Although he wants to keep to his rules as he always does, he couldn't resist being with her again, 
especially when she seemed distraught from another man's unwelcome advances. Their 4 days in Hawaii ends with heroine waking up with his goodbye & no-contact letter. 
However, destiny steps in again with a typhoon that delays her flight & finds her sheltered along with other airline passengers & staff at Hero's military base. 
She's touched by Hero's obvious care in trying to find her needed medicine, despite the raging incoming storm outside.
Their connection finally breaks Hero's no-contact & no-commitment rule while he's still in active duty. But for the knock on his head that makes him unconscious.
How does his brain injury affect their romance?

Emotionally stirring & lots of steamy scenes. Loved alpha protective-demanding Hero, who couldn't get enough of heroine but really tried to control his wild desire for heroine. I could see his control breaking down each time they' saw each other again, after his multiple attempts at cutting off their vacation affair. Heroine may have appeared nice & soft and inexperienced world-wise but her courage at trying out new things (including meeting his sexual rawness), increasing confidence, and stubborness enthralled him. She didn't like to be pampered & didn't try to manipulate him to stay with her longer. Her lack of clingy-ness with her honesty about wanting to be with him was a challenge in & of itself to him. You could feel their growing love for each other & their desperation about their inevitable separation due to Hero's 2-year secret military mission. 

Each time they were thrown back with each other again kicked up their emotional notch. It felt both joyous yet poignant. Because you knew he was gonna leave eventually. Hero's brain injury caused that much more angst. But it was also around this time that things went a little downhill for me.

       --------SPOILERS: Don't read below if you don't want to know the book's details---------

When Hero was protecting heroine from the typhoon hitting the military shelter, he got hit on his head by a flying cement piece. He woke up in the hospital days later, with heroine at his side taking care of him all that time. And he didn't recognize her. She didn't know that until after she did a little sex show for him in his room & made both of them come. His mother's rejection of her presence at Hero's room made things harder on her. However, Hero demanded that heroine come back &, at his doctor's recommendation, heroine stay with him to help him regain his lost memories. 

They lived together at his apartment as a couple for 2 months until Hero finally regained his memory. When he told her he remembered everything, he also told her that they were over and handed her her airline ticket he already booked for the next day for her to head to her original destination 2 months prior. This is the exact point that got me confused with this book. If he remembered everything, he should also have remembered telling her he loved her before his brain injury and telling her they'll find a way to work things out. But now he was AGAIN telling her it's over & giving her her walking papers?! Heroine was the one that told him she loved him anyway and was willing to wait for him. But he insisted that she didn't want her to end up bitter & angry like his mother due to his prolonged and secret missions. So, they parted. Again.

Cue, 7 months later...His back at his mother's house now and retired from the military. He became prisoner of war for 2 months while in action, followed by months of treatment and therapy. He now wants to find heroine and get back with her for good. To his surprise, she's at his mother's house. She'd been living there since she left him. But he didn't know she was his mother's “roommate” because he always tried to change the conversation when his mother would bring up his roommate. He thought his mother was trying to set him up with her “roommate”. Hero and heroine reunite. Both had been celibate since their last time together so sexy times. The end.  

           -----------------------------------------------END SPOILERS-----------------------------------

I didn't like how abruptly the book just ended. An epilogue months/ years later would've given me a better closure on their HEA(happy ever after). Not that I doubted their HEA. I just wanted more. Like Hero's apology for being a jerk and hurting heroine with his callousness, when she'd only been there for him. I would have liked a longish heartfelt confession of how he longed for her during his months of captivity and how he would keep her with him forever and ever from here on out. Something swoony and really romantic. Instead of just the I-love-you and glad-you're-here-instead-of-me-having-to-search-everywhere-for-you. A big awesome ending would've made this a 4.5-star read for me.

I recommend this book.