BLOG REVIEW: Brett's Little Headaches by Jordan Silver

19yo heroine is a diner waitress
who does her best to take care of her twin boys, since their biological father has never been involved.
Meeting 28yo Hero at the park with his dog
was not the friendliest of meetings, since she berates him regarding his dog around her 3yo kids.
Although he rants back at her, he was struck by how unexplicably captivated he was with her. 
So much so that he invites himself over to dinner at her place
& begins his attempts to win her over. 
 He makes it clear that he wants her & her boys with him & he'll give her 2 weeks to get used to the idea. Leaving heroine stunned at his preposterous demands.
Yet she's also equally captivated by his unwavering love for her.
Hero is used to being single-minded in business. 
But he's shocked himself at how obsessed & over-the-top he's acting and feeling towards heroine. 

But he can't stop. Nor does he want to. And he will do what he can to convince her that they belong together. How much will his caveman antics push her independent streak? What will he do when she sets her limits?

Disclaimer: YOU'RE NOT GONNA LIKE THIS BOOK AT ALL...if you can't stand OTT(over the top) cave-manish, demanding & possessive Heroes who:
          1.  delight in getting the heroine pregnant ASAP & having a brood of kids with her  
          2.  want to spend almost every waking moment (when not working or tending to the 
               kids) with heroine, which involve smexxing as much as possible
          3.  demand that heroine stays at home with him & their kids
          4.  don't care what other people think about their unconventional lifestyle
I love Jordan Silver's books because of her OTT cave-manish Heroes, who are clear about their love & obsession with heroine & their demand for a certain lifestyle together. It's so unapologetically over-the-top that I end up laughing a whole lot. It's so outrageous! Yet it also felt really romantic (and not to mention hot) to me. I don't know how Silver does it. But she's able to write characters & story-lines that seem the anti-thesis of politically correct feminism, sexual equality & gender roles and make them still seem romantic. To me anyway. The in-your-face dialogue & tropes (i.e, breeding, sexual voraciousness, emotional possession) highlight the intensity of the characters (especially Hero's) feelings & desires for the other. It's written mostly from Hero's POV(point of view) so we got his direct thoughts & feelings about things.  He is basically at heroine's service: to please her, provide for her, & protect her. Unlike BDSM books, Hero doesn't inflict pain to seduce. He instead forces heroine to see his way by pleasuring her. Since I'm a pain wimp, this pleasure method is much more appealing to me. The outrageous-ness of it all ends up feeling really sexy & loving to me. At the end of the book, I'm left without 1 shred of doubt that Hero is in love with heroine & will be forever. Underneath his alpha caveman exterior is really a heart that beats only for heroine. It's this underlying vulnerability that makes Silver's cave-manish Hero so romantic to me.

I wasn't sure about liking this particular Silver novella (90+ pages) since I don't like to read books with kids that are not both Hero and heroine's. I was only gonna read a page or 2 just to get a feel for it. Then, I liked it so much & read the whole thing. It's mostly from Hero's POV(point of view) so we really get the gist of his crazy demandingness. He was the most surprised at how he was feeling & acting towards heroine. It was so funny when he'd have a thought about heroine, followed by his own perplexed views about having such thoughts. Calling himself insane for even thinking those things, which were so unlike him:

           ------SPOILERS: Don't read below if you don't want to know the books details---------

1.) he planned on marrying her & adopting the boys just hours after meeting her & he told her so later on Day 1 of their meeting
2.) he wanted to get her pregnant ASAP & didn't have problems sabotaging her birth-control pills to get it done
(I thought this was a jerk move beyond his OTT alpha-ness so part of why it's not a 5-star) 
3.) he wanted her to have at least 2 sets of twins by him to double the twins that some other man got her pregnant with
4.) he started looking for a house for them to move to the night of Day 1
5.) he slyly got her to choose the house she liked on Day 2 & bought it that very night
6.) he told his mom that he met his soon-to-be wife on Day 2, which shocked but delighted her to pieces
7.) he was able to persuade them to stay at his condo on Day 3  
8.) he was able to persuade her to have sex with him on the night of Day 3 instead of 2 weeks later
9.) he became obsessed with wanting to erase the memories of her 1st lover (who was basically just a friend & who she only had sex with as a virgin once & has had no contact with ever since he run away when he found out she got pregnant from their 1x together) so he'd grill her about it in the middle of smexxing  
(my other reason for why it's not a 5-star)
10.)  he started delegating work to his employees at the office instead of his standard workaholic ways & hours so he can be with heroine as much as possible
         ---------------------------------------------------------END SPOILERS----------------------------

Hero was jaded, when it came to women & romance. He had actually sworn off them hours before he met heroine. That's part of the reason why his consuming thoughts of being with heroine & even wanting to be around her boys that first day astounded him so much. His rough & raw language only highlighted the dichotomy between his normal character & lifestyle and his new plan to become a family man. He catered to her boys with gentleness and fun but mixed some rawness with romance for heroine.

Heroine was quiet and independent and sassy, when provoked. She'd go toe to toe with Hero, fighting for her independence. She'd even ignore him and roll her eyes at him, when she thought he was being ridiculous. Except that it didn't bother Hero much at all, if it was about things that would put a distance between them. She was often at a loss for words with him due to how outrageous he'd act and sound. However, she knew that it was because he loved her so much and wanted the best for her & her boys' welfare and safety. So, as ridiculous as Hero's possessive demands & actions may be, she saw and understood his motives. She'd silently agree with them but would be miffed at his delivery.

Lots of funny & cute moments for me. I loved when she got pregnant & Hero's reactions to it, all the way to the labor & delivery. Hero was so attuned to heroine that he experienced “sympathetic pregnancy”. He threw up more than she did & literally felt some of her pain. So cute. Love these long epilogues.

I recommend this book.

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