BLOG REVIEW: Salvaged by Love by Jennifer Bene

Heroine now lives a very different life than when she was just an ordinary office temp.
Her abduction & submissiveness training in the hands of her office building's security guard
changed the course of her life.
And deeply affected her innate feistiness and determination. Now she has major panic attacks when considering connecting to the world outside of her new Master Hero.
Her new therapy & consensual BDSM(bondage & discipline sadism & masochism) training at his friend's facility is helping.
 And giving hope to her and her new Master, British businessman Hero, 
who can't see a future for them together unless she gets back her sense of independence.
His car accident only increases her resolve to be with him as long as possible.
 And pleasing him means continuing their BDSM roles in private
while enjoying independent lives as a couple in public.
Their months of bliss & her recovery is suddenly interrupted by being abducted & traumatized again by her former trainer.
Heroine counters her abductor's obsession with possessing her completely with defiance. The result wasn't good for her.
Or for him.
Meanwhile, Hero is feeling her loss & frantically searches for her.
In what condition does he find her in? How does her second abduction impact her progress & their future together?

I thought book 1 was ok & was hopeful for redeeming kind of love story (my book 1 review here). But it wasn't so because of who the Hero turned out to be (my book 2 review here). I liked this last book even less.

I was disappointed that the man that heroine was with 90% of the time in book 1 (I call him "H1" for ease) was not the Hero of this book series. Book 1 cleverly made it appear like he could be. In book 2, we got bits about H1's mad obsession with heroine and his desire to get her back with him. Book 3 gives us a fuller picture of his obsession. It's really more like insanity. While book 1 depicted H1 as capable of warmth, caring, & ability to change into a better man, book 3 morphed all those warm fuzzies for H1 as a case of his frantic, rageful, & delusional mania for owning heroine.

I didn't like what H1 had become and that's probably on purpose. H1's sociopathic craziness in this book made him as far as Hero-material as possible. He had no redemptive value whatsoever in this book. 

        --------------SPOILERS: Don't read below if you don't want to read the book's details----------

H1 predictably gets killed. By heroine. A knife to his neck during their struggle. After about 1 week of him raping her & talking to her like a lunatic. The good thing is that it helped her get her juju back. Yay, survivor power!

       --------------------------------------------------------END SPOILERS----------------------------------------

So, now no reader would root for him. It also worked to make Hero more appealing and Hero-like, the one who will rescue heroine from the villain. This plotline probably will do well with other readers. Not me though. It seemed the easy way out to make H1 become such an awful villain and Hero, the glorious knight in shining armor. The captivating mystery & suspenseful writing of book 1 seemed dumbed down in books 2 & 3. This book was predictable & lost me emotionally. I skimmed & then DNF(did not finish)'ed it.

Book 3 was like a mixture of books 1 & 2. Heroine and Hero are smexxing it up (sometimes from watching other people smexxing) & cooing like love-birds, after they're sated. H1 abducts heroine again. Then, we get a repeat of the forced submission details as book 1 but without the warmth & caring of H1. All we get now are his delusional obsession with heroine plus more criminal acts. The violence, predictability, lack of emotional pull, and lack of my interest in heroine & Hero's romance spelt DNF. Enough already.

I do not recommend this book.

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